communications and complaints

A11 Communications and Complaints

1.0 Procedures
1.1 The school will maintain a complaints register.
1.2 Initial contact should be made by ringing the school office either to make an appointment or to speak directly to the appropriate staff member.
1.3 The school will endeavour to return calls within 24 hours of the initial contact.
1.4 If the parent or caregiver wishes to speak to someone about a student’s general well-being or progress, contact should be with the Dean of the level.
1.5 If the communication is regarding a subject, the first point of contact should be the teacher or HOD of that subject area.
1.6 If the communication is for the purpose of conveying a complaint the first point of contact should be with the Dean, the HOD or Senior Management.
1.7 If the matter is regarded as serious, contact should be made with a Deputy Principal or the Principal.
1.8 If, in respect of a complaint, contact with a Dean or HOD has not resulted in a satisfactory outcome then a Deputy Principal or the Principal should be contacted.
1.9 Should contact with the Principal not resolve an issue to the satisfaction of the parent/caregiver then the matter should be raised with the Board of Trustees through the Chairperson of the Board.
1.10 When a complaint is received, it should be appropriately investigated, a decision made as to any action which may be necessary, and the result of the investigation and subsequent action communicated to the parties involved.