kamar web portal

KAMAR Web Parent and Student Portal
For parents or students, using this application to view student information, including enrolment details, timetable, attendance, NCEA Summary and reports.
What's Required ?
Login and password provided by the school
These are emailed by the school at the start of the school year.  Otherwise contact ICT Services
Frequently Asked Questions:
Can I update enrolment information using the portal?
No.  It is a view only portal.  If you need to update address, phone or email contact details you need to contact the school to authorise this.  Please contact Enrolment Administrator
Can I view school reports using the Portal?
Yes, Reports can be viewed using the portal.  You must use the KAMAR Web Portal on a computer (not phone, tablet or iPad)
Attendance.  Is this live or is there a delay?
This is live.  Any questions please refer to the Attendance Officer
Why are there no daily notices on KAMAR?
These are currently posted on the Google Resources site.
Why is there no information in the Calendar on KAMAR?
The School Calendar is currently posted on our website using Google Calendar.
Student Medical Details?
All medical notes were individually encrypted in the old database.  Manual data entry is progressively being carried on in this area by the Health Centre.
Can I update Student Details?
No, this is a view only portal.  There is an option to Change Details, this generates a message to the enrolments administrator to action changes.
See download below for more information on Web Portal and Mobile device App