manaaki mentoring

Manaaki Mentoring at Takapuna Grammar School.
It is our idea, our structure and our organisation. While many mentoring programmes have come and gone in various schools, this is very much of our making. In that respect we are developing a system, which we believe is productive and sustainable.
We have in advance of 180 staff at Takapuna Grammar School, including all administration, grounds staff, teacher aides and teaching staff. We have a roll of 1700 students. If every staff member was to offer their time as a mentor, we would have groups of about 10 students. We intend that each group of 10 students would comprise of two students from each of the year levels, a vertical selection of students. This is a good number and clearly the opportunity for senior students to mentor students of younger years is an aspect we would like to take advantage of. We would like the groups to meet fortnightly at 9:30am for half an hour on a Wednesday. You will quickly deduce that this time is part of the traditional staff professional development time and that students will lose a small part of their Study Time each fortnight.
There will be an established time for the programme every fortnight, 9.30am on a Wednesday.  The programme will be theme-based and will be experienced by every Manaaki group in the school. Students and their mentors will only meet five times per term, so the contact is regular but not too frequent. The programme is built on generic skills, ones students can utilise at school and beyond, ones that will enable them to see their strengths, address their weaknesses and provide for them some life and academic capabilities. It will help them to celebrate when things go well and know what to do when things go wrong. It will help them direct their learning, establish personal goals, understand timeframe and to know who to speak with, as required.
Training will be given to every staff member involved in the project. I am very keen for as many staff to be as involved as we can, as this will keep the student numbers in each group to about 10 students. Professional development and training for staff will be well complete before we start the project at the beginning of Term 3 this year. I think it is fair to say that all staff realise the benefit that this will give to our students.
Mentoring:  Learning Together
  • Begins Term 3 Week 1, every Day 8
  • Period 2 - runs from 9.30 - 10.30am
  • Manaaki mentoring - 10.30-11.00am
Simon Lamb
Takapuna Grammar School