peer programmes

Peer Programmes

Takapuna Grammar runs a number of peer programmes where senior students are trained in specific areas to support junior students. The philosophy behind these programmes is based on the premise that our own students are our greatest resource and that junior secondary students are more likely to be influenced by positive role models closer to their own age. The programmes include the following:

Peer Support

Involves all year 9 students during Term 1 working in small groups with trained senior student Peer Support leaders. The aim of the programme is to forge lasting links between junior students and positive senior role models; to assist with orientation; and to address issues of common concern such as friendship, communication, problem-solving, and trust. The programme is discussion based with a lot of games and fun activities.

Peer Mentoring

This is an extension of Peer Support, where Year 9 students needing extra support (eg difficulty settling into school or making friends) nominate a Peer Support leader to be their mentor (tuakana/teina). They then meet their mentor fortnightly during one of the Peer Support leader’s study periods.


Peer Leadership

For several years the school has had a group of senior students who have been given specific training in restorative mediation skills to work with students who have harassment or friendship issues that need to be resolved. The experience for all involved is beneficial in developing conflict resolution and communication skills, both vital for the world in which we live. The Peer leaders also work with students identified as ‘bullyproof’ in Year 9 to work to make the school a safe place.


Peer Sexuality Support

The Peer Sexuality Support Programme (PSSP) involves a group of Year 12 and 13 students who are trained to support their peers in making healthy choices in regard to their sexual health and sexuality. During their training the PSSP team are provided with accurate information and access to resources, and they are taught communication skills so that they can discuss all aspects of sexuality with their peers in a confidential way. These include subjects such as contraception, STIs, pregnancy, and sexuality issues.

Peer Drug and Alcohol

A team with a focus on creating a safer culture for teenagers in relation to alcohol and drug use via assembly presentations and the junior health programme.


Peer Service

Peer Service (PST) is a new team in 2014 with a focus on getting more students involved in service and helping others in the community. The vision for the team is to make service to others part of TGS kaupapa, in the same way that sport and cultural extra-curriculum activities are.