personal excellence

Aspiring To Personal Excellence

Takapuna Grammar School’s teaching and learning initiative is founded on proven pedagogy and theory. This initiative endorses the belief that high quality teaching is fundamental to academic success in secondary schools. Entitled “Aspiring to Personal Excellence” it shows Takapuna Grammar School’s commitment to a teaching and learning environment that ensures students realise their maximum potential in academic, cultural and sporting pursuits.

The following structure underpins the initiative and emphasises the belief that superior teaching is fundamental to academic success in secondary schools:

Knowing means
• Developing a lifelong learner with an understanding of how learning happens.
• Appreciating depth of knowledge and being able to discriminate its intellectual quality and
• Being able to organise knowledge in ways that help to retrieve and apply it.
• Seeing knowledge not as an end in itself but as the way to further learning.
• Seeking knowledge across a wide spectrum of endeavour.
• Continually demonstrating curiosity and accepting challenges.

Connecting means
• Actively constructing understandings based on personal experiences, past and present.
• Understanding the relevance of learning.
• Appreciating the value of personal narrative.
• Envisioning a future and proactively working towards it.

Supporting means
• Believing in the capacity of all people to learn and recognising their individual talents and needs.
• Being consciously inclusive and promoting a positive learning environment for all.
• Acknowledging cultural diversity and in particular the bi-cultural nature of the New Zealand
• Creating and working in a collaborative learning environment.
• Being sensitive to issues related to ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation and cultural
• Being tolerant and encouraging of others’ viewpoints, including opposing or alternative ones.

Relating means
• Continually applying knowledge across all areas of learning.
• Appreciating the links between skills and understandings.
• Applying learning to personal needs and ambitions.
• Using assessment, appraisal and continual feedback to evaluate present learning success and
• Using knowledge to solve problems creatively.
• Listening to others’ input and using knowledge wisely.