property development

Main Block Refurbishment

The Ministry of Education have positioned ten re-locatable classrooms on the fields adjacent to the Sports Hall and more on the carpark area alongside Ralph Roberts. 
Stage 1 is the addition of a new art classroom and relocation of the N Block Food Technology Room into the Sir Peter Blake Building.  Included in this stage is the refurbishment of N Block to accommodate the Science Department.  This is an exciting project as it will house all the science teachers and create that much needed “home for Science.”

Stage 2 is the major project and includes the seismic strengthening and weather tightening of the Main Building.  Included in this project is the conversion of the teaching spaces to incorporate all the thinking around modern learning environments.  On the completion of this renovation, all our students and staff will have the very best teaching and learning accommodation available in a building that will retain all the heritage aspects which we are proud of. 

Stage One Completed

The Georgea Tindall Performing Arts Centre
This building provides specialist teaching spaces for dance and drama. The building has been designed to be versatile, catering for small theatre, dance and music performances which are common events in the school as the performing arts are very successful and a popular choice for students. The ground floor is ideal for community use for dance and drama.
Opening Day

Stage Two Completed

The Sir Peter Blake Technology and Visual Arts Block.
Significant changes in the visual arts and technology curriculum along with the Teaching and Learning principles of the school have been considered in the design of the new block.

Stage Three Completed

The Ralph Roberts Student Services Centre
The centre provides a two storey classroom block with a purpose built Student Services facility in a central location. This building includes a new library and information centre.

These three stages are the first steps of many in implementing the development plan for Takapuna Grammar School.

Future Developments

A. Hall Extension
Development would extend the Hall to accommodate more students. Tiered seating for productions will be added, the stage relocated and an extension to the northern end of the Hall will create a new, alternative entrance.

B. Refurbish & Extension for Special Education Unit - completed
The replacement scheme proposal will locate the Special Education Unit to the existing Library. The newly sited Special Education Unit will be refurbished to address the needs of these students. An extension will be added to include a purpose built toileting facility. A covered driveway will be added to enable easy access for students and vehicles.

C. Sporting & Physical Education Facilities
The development plan connects these facilities with the courts and pool to maximise usage. Further development in this area will include heating and covering of the pool, more centralised facilities and open access to the adjoining fields. Community use will be included as part of the new dynamics of this area.

D. Main Block Development - in progress
The new replacement scheme proposal is to relocate Science Laboratories in the Main Block to the N Block, returning generic classroom space to the Main Block. The Main Block will also house the Maori/Whanau Department. The Main Block will then contain all language based courses: English, Languages, Maori and ESOL.

E. N Block Development - in progress
The replacement scheme proposal is to upgrade existing N Block Science laboratories and to turn generic classrooms into laboratories. This will enable the Science Department to be located centrally in N Block. The Mathematics Department will also be located in this block.