Form Teacher - Dean - Senior Manager

All students belong to a form class and the form teacher is in the first instance responsible for monitoring attendance and progress in addition to providing information, encouragement and support. Ideally the form teacher moves through the levels from year 9 to year 13 with the same class and in the junior school the form class is also a teaching group.

Similarly the Dean of each level moves through from Years 9 to 12 with the same cohort of students. This enables accrual of knowledge, continuity of care and closer contact with parents and caregivers of these students. The major responsibilities of the Deans are class placement, course advice, discipline, and pastoral care or referral of pastoral needs to the appropriate personnel.

Each year level is overseen by a Senior Manager who also moves through with each level and has the overall responsibility for the students of that level.

Subject Teacher - Heads of Department

All teachers at Takapuna Grammar School have professional qualifications in their particular subject field(s) and are therefore well-qualified to give advice on subject related queries or concerns. The HODs are the professional leaders of the teachers in the various curriculum areas. Their primary role is therefore one of academic leadership, but they also have responsibility to support staff in their departments in the discipline of disruptive or un-cooperative students.

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