the health centre

The Health Centre

There is a full-time registered nurse based in the Health Centre to provide confidential primary health care to all students and staff at Takapuna Grammar School. In addition to administering to general health concerns such as headaches, menstrual discomfort, cuts and bruises the Health Nurse is also available for advise on sexual health, mental health, drug and alcohol use and abuse. She will also provide ongoing support for students and families with chronic health concerns and maintains records and monitoring of students on prescribed medication or with head injuries.

Proceedure for students signing out of school

If a student feels unwell while at school, they MUST go to the Health Centre and see the School Nurse first and foremost before contacting their parent.  This allows the Nurse to get any relevant history for the illness and she will then contact the parent/caregiver if necessary to discuss what is wrong and whether the student needs to see a doctor. Then if necessary the Nurse will arrange for the student to be collected from the Health Centre or whether they are to make their own way home (if this is safe).
There are LARGE numbers of students texting a parent that they feel unwell and want to go home during the day, then coming to the Health Centre asking to be signed out quickly as a parent is waiting outside.  The Nurse cannot do this unless she has a full history of the problem.

This is an important Health and Safety issue as students need to be accounted for at all times during the school day, in case of fire drills/evacuations, etc.