timetable structure

Timetable and Course Structure

There were a number of changes to the timetable and courses begun in 2010 as part of Takapuna Grammar School’s ongoing review of teaching and learning and determination to create the best possible outcomes for students.

The first involved the structure of the timetable which has become based on a 10 day model. This means that there are 48 teaching periods and 2 staff professional development slots over a two week period.

The pattern will be:
Week A: Monday Day 1 Tuesday Day 2 Wednesday Day 3 Thursday Day 4 Friday Day 5
Week B: Monday Day 6 Tuesday Day 7 Wednesday Day 8 Thursday Day 9 Friday Day 10 Then back to Week A.

There will be no more “rotation”. If Monday in week 2 is a holiday, then Tuesday will still be Day 7. This is a much more consistent model and makes forward planning more predictable. Wednesdays will still start for the students at 9.45 but there will only be 4 period days. It also means the old Day 4 system with a period dropped in rotation and the irregular times for Wednesdays will disappear.

In addition, there was a change to the times of the day. There are now 4 one hour periods before lunch and one 55 minute period after. Our research and the experience of other schools who have adopted this structure is that it maximises quality teaching time. It also fits teenage eating patterns more closely.

The daily times are:
8.45 – 9.00 Form period
9.00 -10.00 Period 1
10.00 – 11.00 Period 2
11. 00 – 11.25 Interval
11.25 – 12.25 Period 3
12.25 – 1.25 Period 4
1.25 – 2.10 Lunch
2.10 – 3.05 Period 5