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2017 Co-curricular Opportunities

 Please see the PDF attached for 2017 Co-curricular opportunties for students this coming year. 

The Music Department offers a range of opportunities for students to engage in exciting and meaningful music activities. These opportunities are not limited to students pursuing academic Music programmes in the classroom. Numerous medical and psychological studies have proven that engagement with music learning both individually and as a member of an ensemble activates, increases and stimulates higher level brain function, in addition to offering young people the chance to form strong, long-term social and relational bonds, fostering a sense of responsibility and accountability to an ensemble in a mutually supportive learning environment.

 Year 9 students are strongly encouraged to try something new in their first year and involvement in itinerant and co-curricular programmes presents a unique chance to tailor interests to each particular student, whether they want to pick up a new instrument, currently learn an instrument but have not experienced playing in an ensemble, or want to join a vocal group and appreciate opportunity to sing with their peers.

Junior classes include Year 9 Core Music, Year 9 Extension Music (for students who already play an instrument), and Year 10 Option Music. Extension and Option classes focus mainly on developing quality composition and performance outcomes, frequently placing students in front of a live audience.

Core Music offers students who do not play an instrument a broad music education experience with practical and creative tasks designed to engage the unique thinking and social capacities demanded by the subject.

Senior classes (Year 11 to Year 13) increasingly allow students to focus on specialized areas and develop independent learning programs tailored to their needs and ability.

Year 11 Music revolves around developing a strong academic foundation of theoretical knowledge tied closely to performance and composition goals and assessments.

Year 12 Music further strengthens this foundation with connected assessments drawing on real world outcomes.

In Year 13 students tend to focus on either solo performance or composition (though particularly able students may be encouraged to assess in both areas) and to draw on the substance of their learning in previous years in order to undertake the rigorous Scholarship Music examination.

Alongside this program of traditional music education lies the Music Theatre course – a highly specialized program designed for students with the ability and desire to pursue the diversity of learning and subject content required to succeed in this very particular art form. Students engage in a wide range of assessments in all three aspects of the Performing Arts (Music, Dance and Drama), frequently incorporating vocal presentations into their other assessments.

At all levels, independent learning and convincing creative outcomes and products are strongly encouraged and most highly respected.

Senior students often compose and arrange repertoire for co-curricular ensembles at the school, while junior students work towards presenting material in a range of more informal performance contexts.

Itinerant Music

TGS Music Department offers students the opportunity to take vocal and instrumental music lessons during normal school hours. This programme consists of 30 x ½ hour music lessons, commencing at the end of February and concluding in October. Students may take either group (2-4 students depending on instrument) or individual lessons for this period with an associated cost.

Violin, Viola, Cello, Double Bass, Flute/ Piccolo, Clarinet/Bass CL, Oboe, Bassoon, Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Baritone Sax, Trumpet, Cornet, Trombone, French Horn, Euphonium, Tuba, Tenor Horn, Baritone Horn, Bass Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Drums, Piano. 

The 2017 Itinerant Muster Evening for all instrument and vocal lesson signups will be held on at the beginning of Term One next year.



Co-Curricular Music

Takapuna Grammar School has a long and proud tradition of music performance at community, regional and national levels. Instrumental and vocal ensembles compete regularly in school competitions, frequently achieving outstanding and highly commendable results as well as entertaining local audiences at regular community and school concert events. Participation in these ensembles is not dissimilar to involvement in the school’s top sports teams and consists of weekly rehearsals developing both individual and ensemble skill in the context of a well-rounded performance repertoire, and high level performance engagements throughout the year.








While many of these groups accept members by audition only, all new students are encouraged to try out for a place. The following groups are now offered at Takapuna Grammar School:

  • Leonessa (girls only choir)
  • Sultans of Sing (boys only choir)
  • Skat-a-Tak (mixed voice choir)
  • Taka Crooners (junior girls choir)


  • TGS Brass Consort (12-piece brass ensemble)
  • TGS Brass (fully instrumented brass band ensemble, brass and percussion)
  • TGS Snr and Jnr Concert Bands (flutes, clarinets, saxophones, brass, percussion)
  • TGS Strings (violins, violas, cellos, double basses)
  • TGS Symphony Orchestra
  • TGS Jazz Band (saxophones, trombones, trumpets, rhythm section)

In addition to these groups, Barbershop Quartets (a capella close harmony singing), instrumental Chamber Trios/Quartets, and Jazz Combos are created on an ‘as needs’ basis to serve the requirements of students interested in these highly specialized art forms. Other student groups (typically rock bands) are created as a by-product of academic or itinerant classes or through social networking due to student interest.

 The Performing Arts Faculty (Music/Drama/Dance) also directs large-scale musical productions every other year. Auditions for involvement in these sizeable projects are open to the general student body for those interested in the experience of performing in an ensemble cast of 70+ students. These productions take place at the Bruce Mason Center, providing students with the opportunity to perform on a professional stage.

KBB Festival 2016

Congratulations to the Music Department on their outstanding success this year at the KBB Music Festival in August.


TGS Symphony Orchestra and TGS Strings (under the direction of Mrs Roe and Mr Stent) represented the school very well in a category where we are just starting out. The Symphony Orchestra in particular has an exciting future at the school as we look to cement it’s position as one of our leading instrument ensembles.


TGS Junior Concert Band, a combination of students from TGS and BIS, gained a Bronze Award under the fierce and demanding direction of Mr Ted Dawson who continues to prove the value and impact of the continuing implementation of an instrumental music scheme that connects the two campuses.


TGS Senior Concert Band, under the direction of the incomparable Mr Andrew Uren (clarinet/saxophone itinerant tutor and master conductor) gained a Gold Award and were nominated for the Chairperson’s Command Performance Award for their spectacular rendition of the Rimsky-Korsakov Trombone Concerto featuring Year 13 soloist David Paligora.


Finally, TGS Jazz Band, conducted by Mr Stent, also gained a Gold Award and won the award for the Best Performance of a NZ Work (Jazz Band category). To top off an exceptional evening for Takapuna Grammar, the Jazz Band were invited to perform at the Gala Concert at the Holy Trinity Cathedral as the nominated and overall winners of the Chairperson’s Command Performance Award. The crowning glory of our achievement this year, these last two awards were won off the back of not only the stunning performance and high energy presentation of the band itself, but also the fine work of Year 13 Music student Martin Greshoff who composed the work that the group performed to win these prizes!


Five students were also accepted into the KBB Honours Programme this year and were invited to perform with students from many other schools in high level and demanding collaborative projects in both Concert Band and Chamber Orchestra settings. Our congratulations to David Paligora, Martin Greshoff, Mollie Cornfield, Alex King (all Concert Band), and Emilly Fan (Chamber Orchestra) for gaining entry into these prestigious ensembles.

Further Information

If you would like further information regarding the Itinerant and/or Co-curricular music programmes offered by the TGS Music Department, please contact the Head of Music, Mr David Stent by email: d.stent@takapuna.school.nz or check the Music pages on the Takapuna Grammar School website.