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Business and Enterprise News End Term 2 2016

Our Level 3 Business Studies students continue to go from strength to strength with their Young Enterprise Companies. At the end of last term they all competed in a Dragons Den school final which involved every team pitching their business ideas to a panel of formidable business people.

George Looney took Business Studies for the first time in Level 3 and said  ”At first I was dreading the Dragons Den because public speaking is not one of my favourite things. However, Mrs. Johnson assured me my group will be fine, we all stepped up and delivered a presentation that was beyond all of my expectations. Overall I really enjoyed participating in Dragons Den and gained many skills. I was extremely proud of what my group and my other class mates achieved.”

They all did extremely well and our top two school teams were Trident App Design and Burgundy’s. These teams gained a place at the Sanitarium Dragons Den North Auckland Regional final at AUT where they went head to head with the other eight best teams from other North Shore schools. I am very pleased to say that both teams did themselves and the school proud. Trident App Design secured second place, collecting $400 and Burgundy’s placed third,  each member collecting a Gumption business board game. This is an immense and impressive achievement for the students.

´Path of the Lion´ Entrepreneurial Training Workshops

An EnQ (Entrepreneurial Intelligence work shop) is being held at Takapuna Grammar in the school library on Monday the 26th and Tuesday the27th of September, 1st week of the holidays.

Please see the attached Brochure for further information.

The YES teams continued their busy year with their official school product launch in the library in early July. They presented their products and sold many items to an audience of over 60 people.


Trident App Design were featured on the Your Sunday show on Radio LIVE on Sunday 31st July.  CEO James Sullivan and CFO Jack Downs were interviewed by Heather du Plessis-Allan about their Trident – Weather App. If you missed it, use this link to hear what they had to say - You can follow the company on their Facebook page


If you were one of the thousands that visited the Auckland Food Show on Friday 29th July or Sunday 31st July you may have noticed Half Baked (one of our YES Company’s) at a stand exhibiting and selling their Cookie Mixes. They had two very successful days and are now busy making more jars to meet demand. You can get more information about the business from their Facebook page using the following link or email them directly on 


Shadow a Leader is an annual event run by AUT for Sir Peter Blake Leadership Week. This is a day where a CEO or business leader allows a secondary school student and an AUT business student to follow in their footsteps for the day.  We had two students selected to participate this year.

The first was Jack Downs who shadowed Struan Abernethy, the Group CEO NZ/Aust/UK of Leading Edge Communications. “I really appreciated the opportunity to be involved with Leading Edge for a day, it was extremely valuable to see how a business such as Leading Edge works on a daily basis. I was also able to be involved in some of their market research for their new upcoming app for students which was very helpful as I am developing an app for my YES business.” Jack Downs

The second was James Sullivan who shadowed Andrew Keaney, the Executive General Manager New Zealand Produce of Turners and Growers. James said the day was outstanding, the best part for him was to be able to understand how big time businesses conduct themselves in a commercial environment.

On the weekend over the 1st to 4th July Young Enterprise Trust held its Enterprise in Action Event at Massey University. This is a weekend event full of business competitions which challenge students to work in project teams to innovate and produce solutions to business issues, write a business plan and pitch their ideas in front of a panel of judges at the end of each day. Three students from Takapuna Grammar attended, Bijoux Nortje – team Asia New Zealand, Jack Downs – team Air New Zealand and Alana Roberts – team New Zealand Trade and Enterprise. The first challenge for the full day on Saturday was the Massey University Innovators Challenge which involved finding a way to improve the nutritional content of a New Zealand food product.

The teams that our students worked with came up with a variety of innovative options.

·         Team Asia New Zealand Foundation came up with a solidifying gel solution that could be used as a preservative coating for fruit and vegetables to preserve their nutritional value after harvesting.

·         Team Air New Zealand with Jack didn’t place unfortunately but had a great idea to freeze dry goat’s meat (which is very high in iron). There is a large amount of wild goat in NZ. The teams idea was to ship it overseas to countries with large populations who suffer from iron deficiencies.

·         “Team NZTE wanted to create a super baby formula, this then led to developing the toddlers drink, MilkBaa. MilkBaa was a sheeps milk drink that provides all the nutrients toddlers need in their daily diet. Using sheeps milk as a more nutritional alternative to regular cows milk, and other unique ways of sourcing the variety of minerals and vitamins. It came in a 100ml bottle shaped as a sheep and in flavours chocolaate, baanana, and straawberry. Our tag line was, ‘Total health once a day in a fun and easy way’.” – Alana

Alana’s team at NZTE took the first prize, “I think the judges recognised our creativity in the product. We didn’t just add value to an existing product, we created something completely new and original.” Alana Roberts

On Sunday the teams worked on the New Zealand Trade and Industry Challenge which asked the students to develop a marketing strategy to enter the North American market using their own idea for an agritech product that played to New Zealand strengths.

This challenge led to many inventive strategies:

“We came up with an extra intelligent drone that provided information on how much water crops actually needed. Notifying farmers where they needed to water their crops and where they didn’t. We wanted to address the problem of water sustainability in the United States, specifically with the current drought in California.” - Alana

On the second night we came up with a tagging system for cattle that monitors the health of the cattle through the processing of blood through a tag on the cattle’s ear. This was to decrease the possibility of bovine illnesses occurring in herds of cattle that would as a result affect the quality and safety of beef consumption. By Bijoux Nortje

Team Air New Zealand with Jack took the second prize with their idea of nanotech robotic ants that measure and control the irrigation systems of farms, to solve the issue of drought in North America using technology developed by New Zealand universities.

“EiA was an amazing experience for me. It was the best way to challenge myself and it gave me a whole new perspective on the world of business and entrepreneurship. If you get the chance to go, do it. You will be very tired on Monday but the outcomes were well worth it” Bijoux Nortje

All three of our students gained a $1000 Massey University Enterprise in Action Scholarship and Alana Roberts also gained an additional $2000 Massey Innovator Challenge Winner Scholarship for which we congratulate them all.


Level 2 Business Studies have extended their knowledge and understanding of the inner workings of The Warehouse when they took a trip to the North Island Distribution Centre and the National Apparel Distribution Centre at Wiri. These buildings house one of the largest distribution centres in the southern hemisphere and are growing. We took a walking tour around the premises to get to understand the processes that gets product from Auckland Docks to the Warehouse store shelves for us to purchase. It took nearly two hours to complete the tour where students got to see over 4 kilometres of conveyor belts and thousands of products in massively high pallet racking. We then followed the product journey into the Airport store by visiting behind the scenes and learning how the store operates to best serve its customers.

Pat Kaenchan commented “I have learned many things from the DC visit about the product distribution at The Warehouse. It was very interesting watching how they move and mange stock in their massive building. I was given a lot of knowledge by the experts which will be very useful for my Business studies subject at school and also for use in my future.”


Our last visit to The Warehouse Store Support Office had the students looking at Marketing for The Warehouse and the new approaches that they are currently using to attract and retain customers. We also had a visit into school by Lyle Cardy, one of our ex-pupils now working in the role of NIDC Supervisor Dispatch at The Warehouse to explain more detail behind Supply Chain Management to enhance the real world understanding and application of this business process.


 Last term saw a focus on recruitment for Level 1 Business Studies students. We had a guest speaker from Warehouse Stationery and Pita Pit come into school to explain how they respectively recruit and discuss their best practices. The students then put this information to good use in preparation for their external exams.

The students have now moved onto studying the marketing mix this term. The class took a trip to Warehouse Stationery in order to research different products that they could study in their internal assessment. We also had Peter Darbyshire, the Executive GM - Merchandise & Planning from Warehouse Stationery visit school to give additional support to answer the students’ product questions.


Financial Capability.

With Money Week 2016 coming up the school has been focused on a range of financial opportunities for our students resulting in a Money Mardi Gras event in early August. All our Year 10 Enterprise and Financial Literacy classes have had a presentation by Savy about budgeting


A group of 30 students from Year 9 to 12 went to the Finance Festival at Massey University at the end of June where they took part in many different financial challenges that tested their financial skills and knowledge. The challenges involves developing a risk and reward activity and completing an investment challenge. The investment challenge involved listening to investment options and then applying their understanding to a case study situation to produce and pitch their investment strategy to a panel of judges. One of our teams gained second place in this competition which was a very good result.

Madeleine Malone said that the day “was unique and exciting and definitely worth going, I learnt many new financial skills”


Market Share is a business and financial skills game that we have introduced at school following a visit to Spark in the city. A selected group of students were allowed the opportunity to learn how to play the game and tour the Head Office of Spark. We will be setting up a Market Share league tournament later in the year for students that enjoy the challenge.

 “Market Share is a very good game for students to learn about business in a way that is realistic and also has elements of fun and enjoyment. The Spark head office also looked like a very enjoyable workplace for employees and visitors due to its unique open plan and very casual and fun vibes.” By James Torjussen


PricewaterCoopers (PwC) is the world’s largest accounting firm and each year they offer the highly contested PwC scholarship to Level 3 secondary school students studying Accounting. Jonathan Skilton (Partner and Financial Assurance Leader) and ex-TGS student Simon Pang explained to the Level 3 Accounting students what is required to work at a top accounting firm and the benefits associated with the PwC scholarship. The winners of the PwC scholarship will receive $7,000 towards their university fees over the course of their degree, a PwC staff member to mentor them during their study, a paid summer internship, access to business networks amongst the best and brightest minds in New Zealand at PwC’s social and scholarship events and the opportunity to learn about what PwC do behind the scenes. Winners are chosen from the hundreds of applicants from around the country. Each school is allowed to nominate five students. This year the following TGS students were nominated; Andrew Richardson, Natalie Fleissner, Josh Eastmure, Tomas Stuart and Liam Sathiah. We wish them all the best with their applications and hope one will follow in the footsteps of last year’s TGS winner Phoebe Rendle.


Term 2 2016

Pita Pit is a healthy quick service restaurant franchise located in many parts of Auckland, with its first store and headquarters located in Takapuna. It is an evolution in the fast food industry- replacing unhealthy food by serving the customers’ own choice of protein, carbohydrates and fresh vegetables in minutes. The store has recently moved its location to 26 Anzac Street, not far from its original location.

The CEO of Pita Pit, Chris Henderson reveals that his business partner Duane and he made the choice of Takapuna as the base because of an emotionally driven set of factors. Duane had always lived in the area so that first drew them to Takapuna, however still keeping the Head Office in the heart of Takapuna is down to the love of the lifestyle and environment.

Pita Pit is one of the few NZ based business that has expanded to Australia instead of the usual other way around, and not surprisingly the restaurants has already gained a foothold into the Australian market. The expansion of Pita Pit across New Zealand and reaching towards Australia simply proves that the Takapuna base was, and continues to be, the “right place at the right time”. As I sit talking to Chris from his third floor office that sports a magnificent view overlooking the Takapuna Beach I can see why he is so inspired!

Before Chris had established the first Pita Pit restaurant, he worked as a ski instructor in California every winter season. During the summer in California, he would come back to NZ to work as a sports director at Kristen School. Funnily enough, Chris met his business partner- Duane, co-founder of Pita Pit New Zealand at Kristen School: every year when Chris went away to California, Duane took on his role as the Sports Director at Kristin. This coincidental partnership eventually led to their business partnership in 2007 when they brought Pita Pit into New Zealand and now to Australia with a new Regional Office located in Brisbane.

Chris believes that every Pita Pit franchise restaurant should be unique and providing their customers with authentic products tailored for the region. The restaurants themselves should also try to reduce the feel and look of “franchised” business, in his words “cookie cutter”; some Pita Pit restaurants have achieved this by getting local artists and graffiti artists to spice up the interior design of individual Pita Pit restaurants.

This innovative idea and many others have altogether contributed to the success of the Pita Pit restaurants as they quickly gain popularity throughout New Zealand. There are already over 1000 franchised staff in the 96 restaurants between New Zealand and Australia up this June, including 15 new restaurants that have opened just this year alone.

At the end of the interview I asked Chris eight ‘must know’ questions:

·         Favourite pastime - Skiing

·         Favourite meal – a good Indian curry

·         Favourite Pita pit menu item  - In winter - roast lamb with melted cheddar cheese, onions and hot sauce and in Summer- double chicken breast

·         Dog or cat? - Dog,

·         Favourite colour - Green and red

·         Favourite word: innovation

·         What are you most proud of in your life so far?  My marriage and 3 children

·         What is your next big adventure? – Diversification (we will all need to watch this space!)


This interview was conducted with Chris Henderson – Co-Owner Pita Pit Takapuna in his Takapuna Office by Iris Leng - Takapuna Grammar School Student.

Business and Enterprise News End Term 1 2016

Our first Financial Mardi Gras is taking shape, this will be an event where we will be highlighting aspects of Financial Capability. It will be a showcase of our students’ financial skills; have financial activities to take part in along with expert speakers. If you would like the opportunity to share financial expertise with our students’ then please contact

In Term 1 the Level 1 Business Studies students’ are all involved with planning a business and bringing a product to market which they then sell at our School Market Day. This year they produced a good range of products including Cloud Lamps; hair products; candles; bespoke phone cases; beer bottle glasses; student designed T-Shirts: bath bombs and spray art. They have all been very busy!

The Level 2 Business Studies students’ had their Warehouse induction visit early in the term where we all went to the Store Support Office in Takapuna to be introduced to the business. They had a presentation by Simon Turner, the CEO of The Warehouse and were treated to an hour long session with the founder of The Warehouse Sir Stephen Tindall. We were also able to take part in a full tour of the premises which was very informative and highlighted many retail career options.  

The students will also have a series of topic specific visits, the first in March was on production and quality. The students become quality assessors for the Warehouse, working their way through a series of garments to assess their suitability for purpose and making judgements about whether stores should stock the items or reject them. This was an interesting exercise and brought the classroom concepts of supply chain management and quality management to life.  

Our Level 3 Business Studies students visited the manufacturing premises and Head Office of Easiyo recently and had the opportunity to meet with the CEO, Brain Dewar and many other senior staff in the company to explore this successful business. The students were also treated to a full manufacturing tour where they got to see the factory in full flow and to smell the yoghurt! An added benefit was the strict food health and safety training (including full safety shoes, no jewellery policy and lovely blue hair nets for us all!) that was delivered that has been put to good use in their own YES Company planning.  
Arthur Lee commented “It was an enlightening experience into the inner workings of a professional company which will help us with planning our own operations as well as a marketing strategy for our business project.”
Easiyo have also been supporting the Level 2 students’ in their Market Research assignments. They have become the business client for the classes setting them all a brief to extend the reach of Easiyo customers. This has led to a discovery in the class of how easy the ‘make at home’ yoghurt is to do and the love of the final product itself, with an easy 500g being consumed in lessons! We await the results and presentations to the business at the end of the term. 
The first event on the calendar for the Young Enterprise Scheme is E-Day when all the participating YES students went to an Enterprise Day at AUT to gain further knowledge about running their companies and have a session of speed mentoring to gain initial idea feasibility feedback.
The CEO role is a vital leadership role in a YES company and in order to equip our YES CEO’s with the skills needed all of them went on a CEO conference at Ernst Young in the City. There were many speakers and activities providing a very enjoyable day for them all.
“The conference was great today! We got talking to Greg Cross from Cross Ventures Ltd and  he gave us his card and asked us to email him” – Jack Downs 

So far this year we have been very fortunate to have had many guest speakers come into class to allow students’ to join up the classroom and curriculum theory to real business practice and this also then allows them to apply their learning to their own business ideas. BNZ, through David McKeown - Commercial Partner; Megan McCallum - Assistant Store Manager, Takapuna Branch and Dylan Ferreira – Business Acquisition Manager provided consultation for the feasibility of the business ideas. They explained what advice the bank could offer to a start-up business and the best way to organise their company financials, all of which was very valuable advice.  

Paul Davies – Head of Intellectual Property at EverEdge IP spent an hour making intellectual property a very interesting subject and helping them all decide what form of protection they might need for their own business ideas.
Paul Edwards from ATEED assisted with Market Research proposals and how they could identify a target market correctly.
Russell Harray from AUT spent an hour providing specialist marketing advice and showing the class what the best techniques were to gain the most effective launch and market penetration for next term.


We are very grateful to all of our speakers and our wonderful mentors for giving their support to the students’ as they start running their company’s.  If you would like to assist these students in any way and share your expertise then please do not hesitate to get in touch by email–

Our Year 10 classes have been focusing on the Enterprise element of their course this term. So far, they have been involved in researching an enterprising person and each making a presentation to their class, they then applied their learning to themselves to discover what enterprising skills they each have. They then moved on to put their entrepreneurial talents to use in the Business Studies topic. This has allowed the students to work in groups and design a product to pitch to a panel of senior student Dragons. Groups that had successful business pitches then went on to produce their goods and sell at the Takapuna Grammar School Centre for Business and Enterprise Market Day. We had a wide range of excellent products for sale and have been able to identify many very talented Year 10 business students. 

 Click here to view galleries of Year 10 Market Day and Year 10 Entrepreneur Posters

Term 1 2016 News

As expected the start of the year has been busy with students joining the department for their senior studies in Accounting, Business Studies and Economics. We welcome back existing students and the many new ones to our subject areas.
There are many exciting opportunities coming in 2016 for the students and school community. The first date for your calendar is our annual School Market Day, which this year will be on Thursday March 24th, this is the first chance for you to experience the entrepreneurial talents from Year 10 and Level 1 Business Studies students and we hope you will save the date to join us.
Later in the year we will be holding our first Financial Mardi Gras where we will be highlighting aspects of Financial Capability.
Our Business Studies courses use a mix of classroom based learning and real life businesses and we are fortunate to once again continue to work with our local business partners. During the year all our students will have the opportunity to visit their studied business to provide a real life context and the opportunity to explore their classroom learning in more depth.
For Level 1 the Business Studies students study a small business and we will be focusing on our partnership with The Pita Pit in Takapuna. This is an exceptionally good business for the students to study as it has the important added benefit of food!

In Level 2 Business Studies the students study The Warehouse Limited as a large national New Zealand business. This involves them getting up close to the business by visiting the Takapuna based national Store Support Office many times to study the different areas of the business along with a retail store and the massive North Island Distribution Centre at Wiri. They are fortunate to meet the founder of The Warehouse Sir Stephen Tindall and many senior personnel during the year.

Level 3 Business Studies students are required to study a global business that operates from New Zealand. The local business we have a continued partnership with is EasiYo that is based in Albany and is fully supporting the classroom learning. Our students are able to visit the manufacturing premises and Head Office and will have the opportunity to meet with senior directors and management in the company to explore this successful business.

Along with their studies at Level 3, the Business Studies students are also all enrolled in the Young Enterprise Scheme. This involves them forming their own small business at school and running it for the entire year. At present the students have started forming their companies and thinking up business ideas. There will be many opportunities for parents and local business people to offer their expertise to the students as they embark on a journey of entrepreneurship. They will be actively seeking advice from our business community and working with the Takapuna Beach Business Association to further their experiences throughout the year. If you would like to assist these students in any way and share your expertise then please do not hesitate to get in touch with Mrs Johnson by email

As well as our subject visits we also have numerous ways for our students to engage their learning and showcase their understanding by entering many events and competitions that are run during the year. These involve a full range of students across all our subject areas and include the Reserve Bank Economics Challenge, the ANZ Challenge for our Accounting students and the Finance Festival at Massey University for our top Financiers and many Young Enterprise Trust opportunities.
At the end of last year we had a team of Year 10 students enter the Young Enterprise Trust BizNinja competition and I am really pleased to announce that one of our teams consisting of Loretta Riach, Ella Coles, Cole Manson and Kiana Malcolm placed third which was an excellent achievement.
We look forward to what this year’s students can achieve as they progress through their studies!

Year 10 – Enterprise and Financial Literacy Course

All our Year 10 students study the Enterprise and Financial Literacy course which covers topics to assist them develop their financial skills and capability during the year. The programme we follow covers: Enterprising People; Business Studies; Asian Business Accounting; Economics; Careers; Sustainability; Financial Literacy and Being a wise Consumer. This course leads to a very productive and busy year for our Year 10 students and the opportunity to make reasoned decisions regarding their senior subjects later in the year. They are all currently involved in researching an enterprising person to present to the class and discovering what enterprising skills they each possess to assist their learning.


Business and Enterprise News Term 4 2015

The Young Enterprise Scheme companies that the Level 3 Business Studies students operate finish at the end of the year so they will be busy winding them up before embarking on their next chapter after school. So we will be saying goodbye to these entrepreneurs and looking forward to welcoming our new set of ideas and innovative students next year for their new adventures.
The YET regional finals were held at the Bruce Mason at the end of October and this event recognises the best performances throughout the year for the entire North Auckland region which has over 50 companies.
I am very pleased to announce that Takapuna Grammar School did very well this year gaining four awards.
One of our fabulous mentors Matt Yallop was honoured as the North Auckland Region Mentor of the Year. He mentored Charge-it throughout the year and was a tremendous source of advice and support to the students so this was very well-deserved.
Easy Jacket won the Excellence in Innovation Award to recognise their survival jacket, so if you haven’t got one yet for your emergency pack get in quick as they are selling out fast!
Natasha Birch, the CEO of Easy Jacket was crowned the North Auckland Region Female Entrepreneur of the Year which acknowledges all of her leadership skills, determination and hard work that she has put into her team during the year.
Finally, Charge-it gained 2nd placed Company of the Year which is a brilliant achievement and gained them $800 of capital.
These awards were the highlight of the YES year and once again our students demonstrated their skills and gained very high praise and recognition.
The Centre for Business and Enterprise would like to sincerely thank of the supporters that have made a difference this year to our students, whether it was coming into school to advise, provide expertise, mentor or just being there as a parent you have all made a significant contribution to developing their skills and enhancing their learning beyond the classroom. 

 Bitesize at YET regional awards 2015

Caleb and Tash Regional awards YET 2015 

Charge-it 2nd placed North Auckland Region YET Company of the Year 2015 

Easy Jacket at CBE brekfast with Mentor Regan Ashworth 2015 

Natasha Birch YES Female Entrepreneur of the Year 2015 

Russell O’Brien; head of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at ATTEED with Caleb of Easy Jacket 

Yr13 at Regional awards 2015 

The Centre for Business and Enterprise Awards for 2015

The year came to a busy end with many students being invited to share their success from the year at our annual Centre for Business and Enterprise Celebratory Breakfast at McHughs on Wednesday 4 November.

The Centre for Business and Enterprise Awards for 2015
Young Enterprise Examination Top Scholar – Alice Kim.
Mentor of the Year - Regan Ashworth(Easy Jacket’s mentor)
Supporter of the Year - Lynn Bartlett
Year 10 Entrepreneurial Potential - Loretta Riach, Tessa Wishart, Kate Fan
Year 10 Financial Literacy - Jazmine O’Connell, Kiana Malcolm
Year 11 awards.
Accounting – Alex Hitman
Business Studies – Ella Pearson
Economics and Accounting Combined – Shania Shameem
Economics – Katherine Aitken
Top Scholar at Year 11 - Alana Roberts
Year 12 awards.
Accounting – Vincent Desvaux De Marigny
Business Studies – Chamonix Stuart and Arthur Lee
Economics – Francesca Edmonds
IB1 Economics – Emerald Scofield
Top Scholar at Year 12 - Ella Halstead
Year 13 awards.
Accounting – Charlotte Sellars
Economics – Amanda Shameem
Business Studies – Rebekah Alvey and Danni Morgan
IB2 Economics – Danielle Desvaux De Marigny
Top Scholar at Year 13 - Alice Kim
YES company awards.
Excellence in Marketing and Sales - Bite Size
Excellence in Innovation - Easy Jacket
Excellence in Sustainability - Turning the Tables
Company of the Year - Charge-it.
Outstanding Effort and Commitment to Level 3 Business Studies and YES -Margaret Lee, Caleb Fotheringham, Laura Barker
Level 3 Business Studies Newcomer of the Year - Aj Mueller and Logan Sheehan.
Excellence in Leadership - Lisa Pijper
The Entrepreneur of the Year 2015 awarded jointly to Samantha Mottram and Natasha Birch.

 CBE Awards Natasha Birch MC

CBE Awards

CBE Entrepreneur Samantha Mottram

CBE Year 10 awards

CBE Year 11 awards

CBE Year 12 awards

CBE Year 13 awards

Charge-it receiving Company of the Year YES awards

Charge-it team, Samantha Mottram, Danni Morgan, Alice Kim, Logan Sheehan (Josh Olley absent) Mrs Johnson

 L3 Business Studies class of 2015

Samantha Mottram speaking at YES Regional awards 

Other awards gained by our students this year:
Taylor James from Year 12 gaining a High Distinction in the 2015 New Zealand Economics Competition run by The University of Auckland Business School.
Price Waterhouse Coopers Accounting Scholarship was awarded to Phoebe Rendle.
The BNZ scholarship was awarded to Alice Kim and Amanda Shameem.
Massey University Scholarships were awarded to Rebekah Alvey, Caleb Fotheringham, Danni Morgan, Logan Sheehan, Hayley Smith, Samantha Mottram, Xiao Jiang and Alice Kim


Otago University Scholarship was awarded to Danielle Desvaux De Marigny.
Victoria University Scholarship was awarded to AJ Balmer and Samantha Mottram
The Young Enterprise Certificate awarded to the Charge-it team of Samantha Mottram, Danni Morgan, Alice Kim, Josh Olley and Logan Sheehan.
The Young Enterprise Examination was passed by Caleb Fotheringham, Rebekah Alvey, Josh Olley, Margaret Lee, Hayley Smith, Alice Kim.

The Takapuna Grammar School Centre for Business and Enterprise would like to thank and acknowledge the considerable support we receive from our partnership businesses - Pita Pit, The Warehouse, Warehouse Stationery and Easiyo. Our students learning experiences have been considerably enriched by their on-going participation in the courses we run at school.