manaaki mentoring

Manaaki Mentoring at Takapuna Grammar School

Manaaki mentoring has now established itself as a part of the way we do things at Takapuna Grammar School. We are looking forward to having the whole school engaged with the programme now that the Year 13 students are part of our groups. We have plans to utilise the skills and experiences that the senior students, especially the Year 13s, have to help up-skill and grow our junior students.

We would like to introduce the staff who have been appointed to co-ordination roles of the programme. Mr. Steve Smith, from the Social Sciences department and Mrs. Toni Ferens, from the Physical Education Department, have been working with Mrs. Louise Roe from the Senior Leadership Team since their appointment at the end of 2015.

Steve and Toni have a vision for the programme to ensure that it fulfils its potential and is effective in supporting all our students. The programme will work closely with the existing House system, Peer leadership and Peer Support programmes and will run over a two-year cycle of four themes; pride, service, learning and relationships.

The Manaaki programme began for 2016 on Wednesday 3rd Feb with a chance to reconnect our groups and welcome the new Year 9’s. Steve, Toni and the Senior Leadership Team have been discussing the direction for the rest of the year and how they can best support our students and staff as we further embed this exciting initiative in our school.

The Manaaki Leadership team have published a google site with information that can be accessed by staff, students and parents; to enable open sharing of the programme. This can be accessed via this link.