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Year 9 Sports Institute

The Takapuna Grammar Year 9 Sports Institute programme aims to support young, talented athletes as they strive for personal excellence in their chosen sports. Students will be taught how to achieve a balance between their sporting and educational activities in their pursuit of excellence. A wealth of knowledge is shared between the Sports Institute teachers at Takapuna Grammar School. This includes playing at regional and international level in a variety of sports. The Year 9 Sports Institute leads into Year 10 where students have the opportunity to gain Level 1 NCEA credits. 


Sports Institute teachers: Mr Hayden Viles, Mr Jason Ross and Mrs Melita Tu'isila.

Performance Analysis

Students will have access to video tools to analyse their performance. They will understand the importance of feedback and learn the skills to be able to provide this effectively to their peers. Students will learn the principles of bio-mechanics and understand how they can develop their technique to achieve optimum performance. 

Sports Psychology

Students will learn how to set challenging goals to improve their performance. They will apply these to their own sport to track performance throughout the playing season. Key mental skills of imagery, self-talk and concentration will be taught in the programme and tested to see their impact on performance.

Sports Injuries

By understanding key anatomical principles students will develop an awareness of how their body functions. Flexibility and its importance in developing a young athletes body will be investigated. Students will develop an awareness of the role nutrition can play in improving performance and how it can be maximised for effective recovery. 

Sports Institute Enrolment

Please click here to be directed to the Sports Institute Application Form.  Please complete and submit by Monday 11 September 2017.  For further information, please contact:
Lucy Perry
HOF Physical Education and Health or 489 4167 ext 9280