star courses

STAR Short Introductory Courses (2-4 days) are free courses designed to assist students in exploring career pathways and to help them make informed decisions about their future study or work. STAR courses provide programmes in typically non-conventional subjects for senior students.

Some commonly run STAR courses include:
  3D Animation
  Adventure Education
  Animal Care 
  Art + Design
  Audio Engineering
  Beauty Therapy
  Camille Beauty Therapy
  Computer Technician
  Digital Movies
  First Aid
  Flight Attendant
  Interior Design
  Live Sound
  On-screen Acting
  Photography School
  Police and Military
  Travel Careers
  TV + Video Production
  YMCA Leadership
  • Students attend the tertiary institute either in school time or in school holidays for 2-4 days
  • Selection will depend on the applicant and how well they are suited to do the STAR course 
  • Students must consider whether the course clashes with any school assessments / assignments
  • Students must consider how the STAR Course  may them with their career ideas
  • Students need to be able to transport themselves to the venu
  • Some Star Courses have Unit Standards attached which will appear on the Record of Learning Certificate
Greta Ryan practising reflexology at the International College of Camille                   
(Please visit the Careers Department for information on STAR courses. Courses are restricted in numbers)