takapuna beach business association

The Centre for Business and Enterprise at Takapuna Grammar School is very pleased to announce we have signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Takapuna Beach Business Association (TBBA).
We are really pleased to be in the process of developing a strong working relationship with the TBBA. This will provide many benefits for our students allowing them to engage more fully with our local businesses and community. Due to the range and diversity of  TBBA members our students will have the opportunity to gain business expertise and support to enhance their learning experiences as well as getting more involved in the TBBA organised events and initiatives in our local community.
Three of our current Year 13 Business Studies students have already been busy working with the TBBA on promotional activities.
This is what they had to say about their experiences so far:
We were recently given the opportunity to work with the Takapuna Beach Business Association as our school has a partnership with them to help us bring our classroom learning to life. The three of us were able to work at marketing and promotional activities during the weekends which involved us interacting with the general public to deliver flyers advertising many TBBA members and talking to them about our local businesses.  This opportunity to put into practice our networking and business skills has been very beneficial as we are all Directors in a Young Enterprise Scheme Company called Half Baked, where we are planning and developing a food product. The support we have received from the TBBA has enabled us all to gain valuable work experience and more business advice. We would like to personally thank Terry Holt CEO of the TBBA and Anna Wishart Events and Marketing Manager of the TBBA for making this possible and we look forward to working with them further throughout the year on the numerous TBBA events that are planned.

By Georgia Rose, Pia Tapsell and Cameron Lindsay