university scholarship information

Contact Information to apply for Tertiary Scholarships

Auckland University
University of Otago – Various Scholarships
Victoria University – Excellence Scholarships
University Of Waikato – Scholarship in Computer Science
Massey University - Scholarships in Academic or Arts, Sport, Science, Engineering
Universities New Zealand – Te Pokai Tara – exceptional all-rounders -  Maori and Pacific Island students encouraged to apply.
Violet Souter Scholarship (to study medicine at a University in New Zealand)  A scholarship for Grammar School Students  wishing to study a Medical Course at a University in New Zealand.
University of Canterbury  - scholarships in Arts, Commerce, Engineering, Health, Law and Science.
AMP Scholarships – People’s Choice Scholarship
The Sir George Elliott Charitable Trust  
Scholarship for Tertiary Study.   (Applications in writing only, Please see Mr Wynn).
New Zealand Federation of Graduate Women (North Shore Branch)  - Scholarship for Massey University or AUT University for first year study.  Mr Wynn has the application form.
Devonport Rotary Club Scholarship (Financial help through University). Please see Mr Holding about application.
The Devonport RSA Memorial Trust Service Scholarship. This is specifically for students who have made a valuable contribution to school and or the Devonport community. All applications must be signed by Mr Wynn.