Takapuna Grammar School
210 Lake Road, Takapuna, Auckland
Tel + 64 9 489 4167
Email: office@tgs.school.nz

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For all Year Levels:
Takapuna Grammar School has a zoned enrolment scheme therefore students may make application to enrol under two categories:
1.   Automatic Entry:
Students who live within the school zone (refer to the map) may enrol at the school as of right providing that they:
  • have entitlement to a State Education. Information relating to this entitlement may be found on www.immigration.govt.nz.  On enrolment you will be required to provide evidence such as a New Zealand or Australian passport or birth certificate, residency visa or the appropriate Domestic Student Visa.
  • can produce evidence that they are living in the school zone with a parent or legal guardian (please see below for types of evidence required).
  • have not been excluded from another school.
Enrolment forms can be collected from the Takapuna Grammar School Office or downloaded here.
All applications must be made on the appropriate forms and be accompanied by the additional information required:
  • A copy of the student’s most recent school reports
  • A birth certificate or passport or other evidence that the student is entitled to a state education
  • Evidence of in-zone residency:
    • For a rental property, a formal tenancy agreement with confirmation from Tenancy Services of receipt of bond PLUS a utilities bill.  The tenancy agreement must be for a period of at least twelve months.
    • For an owner-occupied property, a sale and purchase agreement (or a recent rates notice) PLUS a recent utilities bill.

Once the enrolment application has been accepted an interview appointment will be made with one of our Senior Managers or the appropriate Year level Dean. The student to be enrolled must be accompanied by at least one parent or guardian to this interview.
Students will then commence school at a time to be arranged with the Dean and must be wearing the appropriate school uniform and footwear. School fees are payable on completion of the enrolment process.
2.   Out of Zone / Selective Entry Applications:
The Out of Zone Ballot date for the following year is set by the Ministry of Education.  It is usually held in early September each year. At the July Board of Trustees Meeting the School Board decides if we will be able to offer any out of zone places to students and if so, how many at each year level. If we do then proceed to Ballot places may be allocated according to places places will be available at each year level. These places will take into account the priority order determined by the Ministry of Education. They are:
  • siblings of current students
  • siblings of former students
  • children of former students
  • children of Board of Trustees employees or Board members
  • all other applicants

All Enrolment enquiries can be made to:
The Enrolment Administrator
Telephone 4894167 extension 9221 or email enrolments@tgs.school.nz

Special Education Programme

Students who seek entry to the school’s Special Education Unit must first contact the Head of Special Education Michele Brooke to arrange an interview appointment.