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Ad Augusta Term 4 October 2016

My first term at Takapuna Grammar School has been a wonderful experience. The warm welcomes and friendliness of staff, students, parents and friends of the school has made the transition positive and smooth. Everyone has worked tirelessly this term on all fronts in and beyond the classroom. The quality of the sport, music and cultural experiences have been outstanding for all those involved and those fortunate to share in them. Many of the results reflect the high level of attainment of the students here and the quality of teaching and learning. Parents and families care about their sons and daughters experience at school and want to be part of it.The term culminated with the school examinations which gave students a good indication of both where they are at, and what their next steps must be, in order for them to attain personal excellence by the end of the year. I wish students all the best for final NCEA, Scholarship, IB and Junior Examinations. Thank you to all the staff and parents for your support of the students and the school in the myriad of ways you offer this. Please do not hesitate to call your Dean or a senior staff member if you have any questions that we can help with. We want to work together to achieve the very best outcomes for all our students.

Mary Nixon


Takapuna Grammar School

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