Takapuna Grammar School
210 Lake Road, Takapuna, Auckland
Tel + 64 9 489 4167
Email: office@tgs.school.nz

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assessment at takapuna grammar

All assessment at Takapuna Grammar School will be undertaken according to the school’s assessment policies and procedures. Assessment has two main intentions:

1. Formative Assessment:
Formative assessment structures and practices help students to improve their understanding of what constitutes excellence and where their own work stands in relation to this. Formative assessment is also important for the teacher, as it should provide detailed feedback on the nature of the students’ strengths and limitations. The emphasis here, a key component of learning how to learn, is on making the student a better judge of their own performance and then helping them develop strategies to improve.
2. Summative Assessment:
Summative assessment is concerned with measuring student performance against a predetermined set of assessment criteria to judge levels of attainment. Students are aware of what the criteria are in advance and will likely have practiced in advance and seen exemplars of appropriate performance. Teachers will use summative assessment expectations and practices to help students improve performance in a formative way.
Years 9 and 10
assessment will be standards based and will reflect performance against the appropriate achievement levels of the New Zealand Curriculum
Year 11
assessment will derive from NCEA (more NCEA assessment info)
Years 12 and 13
will derive from NCEA and the IB Diploma programme
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