Arts Awards Results 2016

Arts Awards Results 2016

On 31st October we honoured our highly achieving students in Performing Arts at the Devonport Yacht Club. It was a fantastic evening to celebrate our award winners for 2016.

Bijoux Nortje won the 'Shakespeare Award' for her performances at the Sheilah Winn Festival which intern earned her inclusion in the touring group to the Globe in London.

Amy Robertson along with Bijoux Nortje, shared the 'Barbershop Quartet Award' with their group The Feminims. Amy also won the 'Vocal Award' and 'Outstanding Performance Award' for her role in the school musical – 'The Final Curtain'.

Brie Young won 'Outstanding Contribution to Musicals Award' and the 'Dance Leadership Award'.

Thomas Lunt won 'Outstanding Contribution to the Musical' and 'Outstanding Dramatic Performance in Drama'.

Nina Minogue was awarded 'Top Drama Student for 2016'.

Bijoux, Thomas and Abigail O’Flynn were the leaders in Theatresports and Abigail and Thomas shared the 'Harvey Cup for Services to Drama Award'.

Max Manson and Max Griffiths were honoured for their years of service to the technology of performance with lighting and sound in our shows over their years at TGS.

The 'Stage Challenge Leaders’ trophy was shared by our outstanding Year 13s; Jordan Blum, Emily French, Celine Human and Shani Human.

Paige Seaton was awarded 'Diligence in Level 3 Dance', Shani Human was awarded 'Outstanding Contribution to Dance' and Celine Human was awarded 'Outstanding Choreography In School Performance'.

Thomas Lunt was awarded 'Significant Contribution to Debating' and James Blick Dulcich was awarded the 'Moira Carew Trophy for Debating' and Tom Block to the 'Kathleen Goodwing Memorial Award' for Creative Writing.

Our music department awarded Martin Greshoff the 'Donnell Trophy for Composition' and the 'Vernon Trophy for 'Outstanding Achievement in Instrumental Music'.

David Paligora was awarded 'Best Brass Player' and Bijoux Nortje shared 'The Rock Trophy' with the band, 'Shed'.

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