2020 Prefects Assembly

Today we officially congratulated our 2020 Prefects with their badge and tie presentation ceremony. Great to see so many proud parents up the the front celebrating this wonderful occasion with the school. We congratulate these students and their families on this fantastic achievement that they will look back on with pride in many years to come.

The 2020 Prefects are:

Jake Avram (Head Boy)
Catherine Fairbairn (Head Girl)
Will Dalzell (Deputy Head Boy)
Connor Cowie (Deputy Head Boy)
Libby Easterbrook (Deputy Head Girl)
Tayla Wheeler (Deputy Head Girl)

Oliver Arthur-Hunt
Ciara Allpress
Laiba Batool
Zak Beaumont
Katja Boonzaier
Milo Brown
Lucy Buckeridge
Conrad Butler
Madeleine Byrne
Jayden Choi
Arabella Chapman
Tom Christie
Sailor Collett
Ella Cronshaw
Lomano Crichton
Ailish Dodd
Pippi Duncan
Mac Dalzell
Daisy Eaglesome
Ethan Gwyn
Hamza Khan
Juhan Kim
Tausala Faulalo
Sebastian Lampen
Leah Pank
Julian Lampen
Kennedy Scott
Ruiliang Nie
Molly Sherlock
Dominic Perkins
Emma Tolcher
Daniel Perkins
Hunter Rush
Ruby Worrall
Felix Shaw-Bell
Maddie Yamaguchi
Evan Williams
Milly Yorke


Click here for individual photos of these prefects. 

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