School Ball Tickets 2019

This year's school ball is taking place on Saturday July 6 (the first Saturday of the Term 2 holidays) at the Ellerslie Convention Centre from 8pm - midnight.

Prepaying for tickets, at $100 per person will take place from Tuesday June 11 to Friday June 14 at lunchtimes in RN32. All payments, cash, cheque, eftpos and online must be accompanied by a permission form signed by a parent/caregiver. The permission slip was included in the recent email from Mrs Nixon.

● If paying by cash or cheque, report directly to RN32.

● If paying by eftpos go the finance office first and then bring a copy of payment (small eftpos slip) to RN32.

● If paying online, please include your name and School Ball as the reference and then bring either a print out of the payment or a screenshot to RN32.


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