Battle of the Schools

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The Battle of the School’ and fair is an annual event and is hosted by  Belmont Primary School. It involves each of the primary schools  on the Devonport Peninsula putting together a few teams of year 6 students to compete in a series of physical challenges.

This year, several IB students from Takapuna Grammar School volunteered to help with the set-up and running of the event, including setting up stalls, seating areas, events, and helping to make sure that the events ran smoothly. This activity contributed to the students’ IB diplomas, as they need to gain 150+ hours of CAS - creativity, service and activity - by the end of their two years studying the course. This activity counted as service - ‘an unpaid and voluntary exchange that has a learning benefit for the student’.

This activity was incredibly beneficial for the students, as they developed both leadership and teamwork skills through working with those around them and the events managers. Their help was also very valuable for the community, as this event is extremely popular with the kids that participate, the families that watch, the local businesses that have stalls, and it raises a lot of money for Belmont Primary School.

This annual event is very much anticipated by adults and kids alike and successfully unites the many peninsula primary schools every year. TGS IB students volunteering proved to be a positive and successful action contributing to the surrounding community and was valued by many. 


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