Isla Sweetman tackles the Blake Inspire Programme!

20192_Isla_SweetmanYear 12 student, Isla Sweetman was selected from students across the country to take part in the environmental leadership programme, Blake Inspire, over the school holidays. She describes her experiences below...

Blake Inspire was an incredible experience! Set up by the Sir Peter Blake Foundation, the organisation aims to connect young leaders from all around NZ, who are passionate about the environment with other like-minded youth.

At the start of our five-day trip, when we first arrived in the Waikato, none of us knew one another. However, after some icebreaker activities which ended with most of us falling into the Waikato River, we soon did. Highlights were kayaking through Raglan harbour, finding tuatara in the wild, water testing streams, zip-lining over the Rotorua ancient canopies, and much more!


I would highly recommend applying for Blake Inspire to anyone who is passionate about our environment and would like an adventure where you come away inspired and knowledgeable, and with friends for life!


To learn more about the Blake Inspire Programme - click here

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