CAS (Creativity, Activity, & Service) TGS IB Diploma Programme

CAS is perhaps one of the most exciting core components of the IB DP Program. Standing for Creativity, Activity, and Service, IB students participate in experiences outside of the classroom, log the activities and reflections to enhance their personal and interpersonal development by learning through experience, and counterbalance the academic demands of the IB DP programme.

On 25 May, The IB1 students took part in an adventure to the Wakatere Boat Club on Narrow Neck Beach. Students met at 9.00am in the morning, and started with a silent walk in nature - no phones, no talking amongst others and simply enjoyed the environment in the sun. Through this, they connected with mother nature, found their inner peace, and managed to engage with their surroundings. Many reflected on the small walk, expressing that they were grateful for the resources they are entitled to own, they recognised their privilege to be in the TGS IB DP Program - as a whānau, they get to escape the academic pressure and enjoy the CAS day, some showed their gratitude for being a part of Aotearoa. 

Students then shared a cultural item they had brought for the day, they formed into groups and shared the meanings behind the culturally significant items - perhaps a precious memory, maybe a generational object, possibly a stereotypical piece that is well-known in their background culture. Through this interaction, students connected with each other - they told their personal stories and learnt to appreciate their roots, linking with their ancestors. This was followed by the main activity of the day, where the staff and team members from Restoring Takarunga Hauraki guided students to get involved with weeding experiences while learning about biodiversity. The instructors told stories and explained the different species of plants, they informed the students on the methods to distinguish between the precious plants and the undesirable weed.


Through this experience, skills were learnt by the students - both the physical skills to remove weeds from the bush or the ways to differentiate different species and the background information about them. This CAS day has allowed students to engage in experiences and get out of their comfort zone - ultimately they formed a deeper connection with nature, with their whānau, with our taiao, and with Aotearoa which they are thankful to be a part of.

by Year 12 student Charlotte Rong

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