Covid-19 Alert L3 FAQs Letter to Parents, Caregivers (12/08)

Dear parents and whanau,

These certainly are extraordinary times. We are fortunate to live in a caring and connected community and we are well prepared to navigate successfully through any challenges that lie ahead. I trust we will all offer and ask for any support that is needed to advantage our students to succeed academically and in all areas of their lives over the coming weeks.

I want to let you know what is happening at Takapuna Grammar School over the next few days and will keep you updated as new information becomes available. Auckland has moved to COVID-19 Alert Level 3 as from midday today so the school is now closed to all staff and students except those with special permission to be on site. All students and staff will undertake remote learning programmes from tomorrow Thursday 13 August for the rest of this week at least.

Below is further information under FAQ headings that I hope is clear and helpful. I trust we will be able to provide you with information before the weekend about how the school will operate from next week, 17 August onwards.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long is the school closed for?

Level 3 is currently in place from midday 13 August until midnight Friday 15 August.

You will be advised about when the school will re-open as soon as the school is informed by the authorities making those decisions.

2. Who is able to attend school on site?

Students whose parents are essential workers may attend school on site. These students must report to and register at the main school reception area, up the stairs at the front of the Main Building. Students on-site will be supervised and work on

Remote Learning Programmes.

Teachers and Support Staff who are required to be on site will be informed about this and be at school for mutually agreed set hours each day. They will be supervising students and providing any essential services. These staff members will be reqired to register their presence at the main office. Other people are not permitted to be on site during the school day as this poses risks to those who are legitimately on-site.

3. How will students learn while the school is closed?

Teachers and students have been sent emails today advising that Remote Learning Programmes will again be put in place starting tomorrow, Thursday 13 August. The information sent today outlines the guidelines students at all year levels need to re-familiarise themselves with. Teachers will communicate with students in the next day or so to give more specific information.
Students should set up a ‘school workplace’ at home that fits in with family needs and get started with remote learning from tomorrow.

4. What if my son/daughter realises he/she has work, resources or equipment at school that is needed for remote learning at home?

Students may email Deputy Principal Mr. Scovell on [email protected] to arrange a time on Thursday or Friday 13-14 August to pick up essential work and resources.
It is important that students are able to do their school work at home. We understand the short notice given for the return to Alert Level 3 may mean some students are not aware that some resources they leave at school may now be required at home.

5. What about assessments and the upcoming school examinations?

Internal assessment, preparation for external examinations and portfolio work for NCEA and IB continues to be the school’s priority. TGS staff and students have worked very hard over recent weeks to manage assessment schedules for this year taking into account the time lost earlier in the year and anticipating that there may be further interruptions. We will continue to adapt learning programmes to ensure students get the best possible academic outcomes and are confident we are well placed for this.

Over the next few days, senior staff will address any specific issues that come from decisions made by the government about COVID-19 alert levels now and for the next time period we are advised about. If schools remain closed then teachers will adapt programmes and assessment, but in the meantime, students should continue to work to the schedules set by their teachers.

School examinations preparing for NCEA are set up for Weeks 9-10 this term which is several weeks away. Any adjustments for these will be advised nearer the time. IB students will be advised in the next few days about any special focus or adjustments they need to attend to.

6. How can I help my son/daughter navigate the current uncertainties brought on by the return to Alert Level 3 and reduce the anxiety this may cause?

Parents and friends should reassure and encourage our students. Teachers have worked productively with their classes over the past term and systems have been set up for all students to learn effectively from home. Plans are in place and students have worked this way before, so will find it easier this time. Students should talk with their friends and teachers to help each other engage and stay focused on being their best as learners.

This is the business end of the year so students need to meet deadlines for internals and keep up to date with work for external assessments. Many families will be juggling schedules and work spaces so parents can provide valuable help with student’s organisation and time management to ensure school work gets done. Students can contact teachers via email or google classroom with questions, concerns or clarification about their learning or assessment. It is important students do this at this time of the year to help keep them on track. Students are more used to doing this remotely now and find it helpful, but sometimes need a little encouragement from parents to make the connection.

Parents can also contact teachers or the dean if they have concerns. Getting in touch with the school early is beneficial so supportive plans can be set up while there is ample time to make a positive impact. There are numerous support options already available for students needing extra attention or extension. Staff will be able to direct students and parents on how toaccess any options that are suitable.

7. If my student does not have a computer or access to the internet, can the school provide this?

TGS wants all students to be able to work from home effectively. The school is able to provide students with a computer and/or internet access if they do not have their own device or internet plan at home.

Please contact Deputy Principal Brian Wynn on [email protected] if you need this support.

8. When are junior reports available?

Reports are now able to be accessed via the TGS portal. Parents have been sent information about how to access this information.

9. Are parent teacher interviews for juniors still on next week?

Interviews will take place as scheduled on Wednesday 19 August unless either Alert Level 2 or 3 is in place. Further information will be provided once alert levels are known.

10. Are co-curricular activities on during Alert Level 3?

No, all sports, performances and practices are cancelled until further notice. Currently, Alert Level 3 is in place until midnight Friday 14 August. There is no time to reinstate activities (unless othersise advised by the school coordinators) for the next day, so the following decisions have been made.

  • School events scheduled from Saturday 15 August will not take place unless advised otherwise.
  • School sports authorities have advised information about school sporting events will be updated on Thursday 13 August.

The school sports coordinators will keep you informed about any events scheduled for this weekend.

Please send any further questions to [email protected] and we will endeavour to respond as soon as we have the information.

Thank you all for your support and optimism.

Ngā mihi nui

Mary Nixon

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