Covid-19 Alert L3: Letter#11 to Parents, Caregivers (12.11.21)

Kia ora Parents and Whanau,

You will have heard the Minister of Education’s announcement on Wednesday that students in Year 9 and 10 can return on site to school from Wednesday 17 November. We are pleased to welcome them back to school and are now getting ready for this.

There are several arrangements underway to ensure safety provisions are in place and to reorganise timetabled rooms as senior students will commence sitting their NCEA external examinations in Week 6. Arrangements are being made with TGS staff who need flexibility for ongoing childcare and other needs.

Parents are asked to provide the vaccination status of Year 9 and 10 students to my EA Ngaio Hardie before they return to school in line with our school safety procedures. Please email Ngaio via [email protected] if you have not received a form requesting this information.

Parents do not have to provide this information, but if they do not their student will be deemed to be unvaccinated. Parents are asked to acknowledge the request for this information and to respect that staff asking for this are doing so because of the government’s requirement to do so.

What is the TGS programme for the remainder of the school year?

15-19 November Week 6

Monday 15 November

Year 13 and IB1 students attend on site.
Year 11 and 12 students on study leave from home, unless attending a scheduled workshop.
Year 9 and 10 continue remote programmes from home.
Year 10 Accelerate students will be advised their schedule for the coming days on Monday.

Tuesday 16 November

Teacher Only Day
No students on site except those attending scheduled workshops.
IB1 students undertake independent learning online from home.
NCEA senior students on study leave.
Year 9 and 10 will have online work posted but no Google Meets will be held.

Wednesday 17 November – Friday 19 November

IB1 students on site, regular timetable.
Year 9 and 10 on site, regular timetable with some classrooms reassigned.

Remainder of the school year

IB1 on site until scheduled programme completed.
Year 9 and 10 on site. Programme details will be advised if this differs from the usual timetable.
NCEA and Scholarship examinations held as scheduled .

Are Year 9 and 10 students required to attend on site from 17 November?

Students are expected on site unless they have health issues or other sound reasons to continue learning remotely.

What if a family is concerned about their student/s returning on site?

Families should make their decisions about their student/s returning on site as they have the best knowledge of their specific circumstances. We understand these are extraordinary times.
Parents must inform the school if a student is not attending on site.

Will the school provide online learning for students who are not attending on site?

Teachers will provide learning programmes for students on site. Some work will be posted online but there will not be Google Meets or personalised learning for students not attending school.

What safety requirements are in place at TGS?

The school is following the requirements set out by health authorities. This includes mask wearing, cleaning and ventilation recommendations.
The vaccination rates for our staff and senior students provide very high resilience in the face of Covid.

What rules are in place for junior students returning on site?

Students who are unwell are not allowed to come on site to school Each student will need to scan the QR codes placed at the entrances to school buildings when they arrive each day.
Students unable to use the Covid tracer app must sign in at the office at the main entrance or at Students Services when they arrive each day.
Each student must bring their own mask and wear this while indoors and as required. Please note, the school will not provide masks and students will not be allowed at school unless they are wearing one. They may need to keep a couple of spares in their school bag or uniform pocket.
Students will be outdoors at interval and lunchtimes and should wear school hats and sunscreen.
The school expects most students will bring their own food for lunch. The canteen is open with a limited menu for contactless purchases. Pre-orders may be purchased via Kindo.
Students must obey all school rules and any special rules that may be put in place.

What if a student becomes unwell during the school day?

If a student becomes unwell, they should phone their parents and go straight home. They should not go to the Health Centre. This is to limit the number of people they meet who may then be categorised as close contacts.

What will happen if a person attending TGS tests positive for Covid?

The school will be advised of, and is required to follow, the procedures provided by health and education authorities, including those of privacy for anyone involved.
It is important that everyone obeys the rules that reduce the chances of transmission of the virus while at school and in the community.
Any person affected will be informed of the procedures required and is required to obey these.

Will the school timetable be the same as before lockdown?

There will be no whanau form class at the start of the day until further notice. Extended whanau class time will remain as timetabled.
There are no assemblies until further notice and limited face to face meetings for staff.
Juniors will have the same timetable but those with classes in M Block will have these relocated to another room. This is due to the M Block rooms being used for NCEA and Scholarship examinations. Students will be advised of the new rooms early next week.
Co-curricular activities continue to be paused until further notice.

I want to thank all our parents, whanau, and students for their support of the school over this extended lockdown period. Your willingness to work with us has helped TGS operations run smoothly in difficult circumstances. We know remote programmes have significantly impacted on our tamariki. Our staff and senior students have enjoyed the last two weeks being back on site and we look forward to our junior students returning next week too.

Ngā manaakitanga

Mary Nixon

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