Covid-19 Alert L3: Letter#4 to Parents, Caregivers (28/02/21)

Dear Parents and Whanau,

You will be aware that Auckland is now at Alert Level 3 for 7 days so school will operate with remote programmes from Monday 1 March until Friday 5 March. Staff and students are not expected to be at school unless they really need to be. We are ready and well prepared to deal with this further interruption to face to face learning. School has started very positively. Students are feeling organised regarding their learning and we have been able to have some fun events already too.


How will teaching and learning at TGS be done at Alert Level 3?

Teachers will post work for their classes starting tomorrow. Teachers will endeavour to have work loaded to Google Classroom by 8am each morning, so students and other family members can organise their day.

You can expect students to have and be doing school work over the coming week for each timetabled lesson. We understand there will be adjustments to family life for all of our community, but teachers have prioritised their students learning. Google Classroom and Google Meets will be used to set out what learning is being covered and the way this will be done.

How do students get books or other items they need that are at school?

If students need to come into school to collect equipment and other items, please contact Deputy Principal Mr. Scovell [email protected] to get permission and then follow the schedule below.

9.30 until 11am Year 11-13 students with permission

11.00 until 12.30pm Year 9 & 10 students with permission

All students need to wear a mask and use the Covid Tracer app. This will ensure low numbers are on site at any given time, that the school knows who is on site and that health and safety requirements are being followed.

What should students do who need to attend school?

We understand some parents who need to go to work need their students to be at school.

These students will need to advise Mr. Scovell prior to attending and to follow set procedures. Students on site will learn using remote programmes and will be well cared for. Students will attend from 9.30am until 2.30pm. They will report at 9.30am to reception in the main building, wear a mask and use the Covid Tracer App.

How will parents know what students are supposed to be doing while learning remotely?

Parents will have received invitations from whanau form teachers and subject teachers to their Google Classrooms. You will be able to see what students are doing in each class and to check they are engaged.

If parents have not had contact with teachers please email our receptionist Rowena Wiig at [email protected] . She will help you get in contact with the appropriate staff.

What about students who are anxious about school or lockdown, especially Year 9s and students new to TGS?

There has been a lot for our students to take in over the first few weeks of the year. They want to do the right thing and may need to ask questions and be reassured at times. The lockdown interruptions can increase uncertainty and communication that we think is clear can easily be misunderstood.

Parents should contact their student’s whanau form teacher and let them know about any concerns. These are usually quickly resolved.

Who do parents contact if they have questions?

General queries: The whanau form teacher is the first person to contact for general information. WFTs should have made contact with parents of new students in their class, but if this has not yet been done parents can ask our receptionist Rowena Wiig at [email protected] about how to get in touch with the whanau form teacher.

Peer support leaders will also be in touch with Year 9 students in their whanau form class during the week. Please encourage students to ask questions or to be reassured about school procedures.

Subject queries: Contact the class teacher. The teacher’s initials are listed on student’s timetables. The school receptionist Rowena Wiig can help parents connect with teachers if required.

Are co-curricular activities allowed at Alert Level 3?

Sport and other school activities are cancelled until Monday 8 March and while Alert Level 3 is in place. Further information will be sent out by the school or those in charge of the various codes and activities when it is available.

Is there further information parents need as this lockdown is longer?

A few key staff will meet with me in the morning to discuss the plan for TGS for the remainder of the week. We would like to start providing some of the wider aspects of the school virtually, such as assemblies and the Cyber Safety information presentation (planned for the evening on Wednesday 3 March). We will let you know more information when decisions and procedures have been put in place.

Please check your family and students contact information is correct.

It is important that the contact information the school holds is accurate. These are extraordinary times e.g. the school must be able to make contact quickly with students and families if there is a Covid case or community outbreak in our area.

Please use the school’s parent portal to check the information details are correct and advise the receptionist Rowena Wiig at [email protected] of any changes.

We should expect the current Alert Level 3 to remain in place for this week and keep anticipating and planning in case of a continuation of the current lockdown or for further lockdowns going forward.

Our staff responded quickly in the last lockdown and will again this time. They really care about our students and are providing great learning programmes whether on site or by remote programmes.

Our parent support alongside our teachers helps keep students engaged and confident about their learning while the Covid issues are being managed.

I will send out further communications as the situation and the Auckland response to the latest community cases is officially advised.

Thank you everyone.

Ngā mihi nui

Mary Nixon

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