Covid-19: Latest Update (24/03/20) #3

Dear parents, caregivers and students,

Thank you everyone for your understanding and the considerate way you responded yesterday following the announcement from the Prime Minister that schools and the entire country will be going into lockdown for at least four weeks. Our students and teachers have acted quickly and cheerfully, getting students leaving with their workbooks and textbooks, waving goodbye to each other and friends with a little humour and smiles. It was lovely to observe such warmth and caring at this challenging time.

Some aspects have now been clarified that we were not sure about at the first announcement. The school holidays have been moved forward and will commence next Monday 30th March and end after Easter. This week is now the last week of Term 1, so teachers have adjusted remote learning programmes slightly for the term ending this Friday 27th March. Students and their families can enjoy a holiday break for the following two-and a-bit weeks ending on Tuesday 14th April.

Term 2 starts on Wednesday 15th April. The school site remains closed until further notice but teaching continues via remote learning programmes using resources such as Google Classroom, Education Perfect and books. Students and parents have been sent the user guides which include how to access support if needed.

Students will have varying levels of confidence in using this methodology. Please offer and ask for help if you or your friends need it. Teachers, deans and peers as well as IT support can provide assistance. Information can also be found on the TGS website.

I remind everyone of the importance of following the rules of the lockdown period. If we all do the right things, our school and everyone in New Zealand and around the world will benefit.

Best wishes for a happy Easter and a lovely holiday.

I look forward to working with you again next term.

Mary Nixon

Takapuna Grammar School 

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