TGS Covid Procedures & Letter to Parents Update 02.08.22

To make sure the school gets notified as soon as possible of any current covid exposures, can the below forms please be filled in.

If your child is a Household Contact please click on this link - Household Contact

If your child is a Positive Case please click on this link - Positive Case

Information from these forms will be used in Kamar for absences etc.

A reminder that Day 0 is the date symptoms first appeared or the date of the positive test - whichever is earlier.

Students can return to school on their Day 8 after completing 7 days of isolation (providing they are symptom-free).

For all the latest information go to to learn more about Phase 3 protocols.

Tuesday 02.08.22

Dear Parents and Whānau,

We are hitting the ground running in Term 3. Students are realising how quickly time passes and seniors have been told in assemblies there are now only nine weeks of learning in class left this year. The rest of their time will be used for practice and final examinations for NCEA and IB. It is vital that students are in class as much as possible now and for the remaining weeks. Teachers are working hard to ensure students who have missed school for illness or other legitimate reasons are able to complete assessments where manageable. Going forward, teachers are monitoring student achievement including predicting grades for the year. This will help staff identify what support might be needed and for which students.

Parents can help by ensuring students come to school and encouraging students to make sense of the work they are doing at school by reviewing and practising at home. Teachers sense that students are not as skilled at embedding their learning as they have missed a considerable amount of schooling over the last two years. Teachers and parents help students to reach their personal best by encouraging them to work hard at school and at home over the next period. Many students have not sat external examinations due to the impact of Covid and the Unexpected Events Grades (UEGs) issued in 2021. This makes the school’s practice examinations starting in Week 8 more significant and students need to prepare thoroughly for these. There will also be workshops for subjects that do not sit examinations and students should prioritise Weeks 8-10 for completion of work. Parents should contact the dean if they have any concerns about their students so any issues can be appropriately addressed.

Term 3 is the business end of the year so alongside being purposeful with their learning and achievement students are thinking about their next steps too. Over the coming weeks a senior staff member will have a Future Education Discussion (FED) with each student. They will discuss goals and plan for 2023. Year 13 students are considering their tertiary options so encourage them to talk to our careers staff.

Junior students have the Social to look forward to in Week 3 and all students are bringing cans of food in for Orange Week to support the City Mission.

Thank you to everyone for supporting the TGS Open Evening last Thursday. Hundreds of Year 8 students and families visited the school and were in awe of the vibrant array of activities that the student guides took them to. Our students are proud to show off their school and introduce visitors to their teachers. It was a fun evening that we all enjoyed.

Dates TGS is closed in Terms 3 - 4:

Term 3

Week 5: Wed 24 Aug - MOE Accord Teacher Only Day

Term 4

Week 2: Mon 24 Oct - Labour Statutory Day - school Closed

Week 5: Wed 16 Nov - MOE Accord Teacher Only Day

Week 6: Mon 21 Nov - MOE Accord Teacher Only Day

Nga mihi

Mary Nixon

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