Auckland University Engineering Challenge Results

Earlier this year the Science department had 60 students competing in the annual Auckland University Engineering Challenge. Early on the day of the event a question was sent out to all the competitors across the country who then spend the day formulating their response to the question. This involves research, calculations, making assumptions, justifying why each assumption is made until a final conclusion can be reached. This year the question was:

'What is the maximum payload that can be launched into orbit by slingshot?'

As well as taking part in the competition, our first year IB students use this as their multi-science (group 4) project. Answers ranged from 1.8 kilograms up to many millions of kilograms. This technology is currently being investigated by tech companies looking at alternative ways of launching objects into space.

This week the school just received the fantastic news that two of our competing teams won the following;

2nd Place Overall = Elise Clark, Hariette Johnson, Esther Carr and Joe McKibbin.

Highly Commended = Ankia Van Zyl, Phyllis Lan, Hyerim Park and Neve Mann Benn.

Many thanks to Mr Kam, Mrs Charlett-Green, Kate Greenslade and Mrs Van Zyl for supervising the students and keeping them well fed throughout the day!


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