University of Auckland Engineering Competition

In early August, a large number of teams from TGS took part in the annual New Zealand Engineering Science Competition for 2023, which is organised by the University of Auckland’s Department of Engineering Science. Teams are posed an open-ended question that requires the use of scientific, mathematical and some logical skill in order to solve it.

This year’s question was How much electrical power will be required due to New Zealanders adopting the use of generative AI?, which each and every one of the teams interpreted in a different way. Some teams tackled it with a focus on electrical power and investigated what New Zealand’s electrical power is in comparison to the global electrical power usage, whereas other groups came at it by defining the term ‘generative AI’ and using that to shape their research and modeling.


Throughout the event, which was held in the Rowan Nicks science building from 9:30am-6:00pm, teams worked on researching, creating models and refining those models to show their conclusions, ultimately reaching an answer - and every answer was different - and typing up a final written report, which would be submitted to the University of Auckland for judging. We also enjoyed a group shared lunch half-way through, as a break to power our brains for the next half of the competition!


This event also acted as the 2023 Group 4 International Baccalaureate Project, where students from each of the different Group 4 subjects (the sciences) work together on a scientific or technological topic. Whilst some of the IB groups weren’t entered in the competition, each group had great fun tackling this problem head-on and trying to come up with a conclusion.


Judging is done by members of the Department of Engineering Science and will be announced in early November. Last year, a team from TGS consisting of Elise Clark, Hariette Johnson, Esther Carr and Joe McKibbin won a ‘Highly Commended’ award - let’s hope TGS can continue the same success!


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