Entrepreneurs in Action - Young Enterprise Scheme

On Thursday 27th of June, two of our Level 3 business students, Isabella Bouwer and Abby Harris headed to Wellington to compete in the Entrepreneurs in Action (EIA) Weekend, run by the Young Enterprise Scheme (YES). Isabella and Abby were two of the 80 students selected to attend, with over 4200 students in the YES program this year. This puts them in the top 2% of business students in New Zealand. The competition, run by YES, was all expenses paid, including flights, accommodation, and food.

The competition involved being put into 10 teams of eight, and having only 48 hours to complete two challenges. These challenges involved creating a market strategy for the Latin American market, a business plan for the Ministry of Primary Industries, and two pitches to over 100 people.

After a long, sleepless weekend, Abby and Isabella not only learnt a lot from the EIA experience but were also awarded scholarships to study at Massey University in 2020.

Both mentioned that the trip was incredibly eye-opening and changed their perspectives on many things in the world of business, which they can apply to their own Level 3 business projects. They felt very privileged to have the opportunity to attend this competition, meeting like-minded people and making connections across the country which could benefit them in future years, such as internships at Spark!

Abby said that “This weekend has been amazing, I feel so honoured to be apart of the YES program and have these opportunities. I never knew you could fit in so much in 48 hours! I also encourage all year 12's going into Level 3 business next year to take every opportunity you get given as you never know where you might end up!

Isabella mentioned that EIA is an experience she will never forget. She said “It was high intensity, but also incredibly rewarding. You go from sitting on the plane with people you’ve never met in your life, to working so intimately for 48 hours. We had so much fun, and I’m so excited to bring the skills I’ve learned at EIA back into my business at school, Pukeko Activities”. I want to study International Business and Management next year at University, and EIA has really helped me develop skills I know I will use in these degrees.

Isabella and Abby are now working with the rest of their Level 3 Business group, finishing off and selling their product! We look forward to seeing what Isabella and Abby get up to with their this, and what the future holds for them in the business world.

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