TGS Environmental Group clean up St Leonard's beach

On the 30th of June, 15 students from the Environmental Club went to do a beach cleanup on our beloved St Leonard’s Beach. It was the coldest day of the year with the thermometer showing 3' degrees at dawn. But our students did not let the cold air defeat their burning passion to make a difference in our community.

We wandered down to the beach, along the coast and filled our bucket with things that don’t belong in our ocean. Wipes and pieces of plastic were the common items we picked up. It reminded us that we all have to reduce the use of these items in our life. As we made our way to the rock pool, we saw a couple members of the public also cleaning up the beach. It was great to meet some like minded people.


After 40 minutes of mahi, we collected a bucket full of trash and called it a day. On our way back to school, we glanced back at the now pristine shoreline and felt satisfied at our great effort. We left the beach knowing that students, staff and others all get to enjoy this place on their breaks from their work and the hustle.


On our way back to class, we saw various rubbish lying on the school ground. We know very well that rubbish in school will eventually make its way to the ocean. Our work is not done yet! We need more of you to join us next time!


Stay tuned to the Environmental Club (below) for our next update.

Tate Agnew
Elisa Aihara
Sean Brownlow
Daisy Butcher
Imogen Butcher
Eshana Choudhary
Isla Forrest
Rhian Gates
Yoon Kim
Heloise Phillips-Smith
Jade Poppelwell
Anna Rodygina
Maddy Thorne

Azu Yamamoto
Mr Kam

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