IB2 Visual Arts Exhibition

Our Takapuna Grammar School IB2 Visual Arts students held a highly successful exhibition during Alert Level 4 Lockdown. Artworks were thoughtfully installed and curated within students’ bubbles – in stairways, hallways, backyards and lounge rooms. TGS’s Te Wahi Makerspace was used to help create much of the work in the show, with innovative applications of contemporary technologies.


The themes covered in this year’s exhibition included unseen ocean pollution, the human body and its connections to external concepts, perspective on technology and the future, cultural influence on architecture, the influence of external societal factors on architecture, and psychoanalysis and dream-interpretation.


Congratulations to the whole class for an engaging and spirited exhibition opening. In speaking to their work, each student demonstrated an impressive depth of understanding of the artistic themes they’ve been exploring over the past 2 years. The class dressed in formal attire and hosted a fluent and sophisticated online forum which impressed all staff in attendance.





Thank you to Robin Kydd and the Visual Arts Faculty for all their work supporting these students.

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