IB Students volunteer at Battle of the Schools

Creativity, activity and service (CAS) are the three essential components that every IB student must complete as part of the IB course. IB (International Baccalaureate) is an educational program established by the Swiss.

The first CAS experience which we participated in was Battle of the Schools. This predominantly counted as Service due to the nature of the work which we were doing, however also related to the other two aspects of CAS. Our perspectives shifted from before volunteering, throughout the process itself and then after it was completed; our perspectives being formed by both our goals as well as predictions/ experiences of the event.

Before volunteering, our main goals were to come out of the experience with better communication skills and having improved my teamwork abilities. We did not anticipate any challenges, however was faced with some which we were able to overcome. Meanwhile we felt that we had managed to accomplish these learning outcomes it became apparent that we did not achieve any particular strength or develop an area for growth as much as I had hoped - meaning that although we did accomplish what we set out to do, it was not as big as we predicted, having no great impact in the development of the characteristics which we set out to improve. We had to finish this task before the fair started. Therefore, a lot of communication and collaborative work was done. Lifting heavy tables and boxes required team-work between each other.


Challenges faced by each of us varied, all the heavy lifting under the intense heat proved to be a struggle, particularly for those of us not participating in much physical/ strenuous activity otherwise. Other challenges included the possession and utilization of skills revolving around independence. Without an adult hovering constantly and instructing us, it often fell upon us to use our initiative to carry out tasks on our own which could be difficult at times.

The reasoning behind some of us applying for this activity was the fact of being currently involved in a group that manages events and wanting to apply these skills in community events, instead of for personal gain. This would allow the potential to gain a better understanding of how to run things effectively.


- Sophia Aglietti, Dahlia Mohd Razali, Jiaxuan Chang, Hyunsoo Chang

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