IB Dipoma - C.A.S. Creativity, Activity and Service

As a part of the IB diploma, all students are pushed to participate in a range of activities, sports and co-curriculars in order to become more well rounded learners. This part of the diploma is called CAS, Creativity, Activity and Service. As a first year IB student myself I found the idea of completing 150 hours of co-curricular activities over the 2 year cause a very intimidating idea. However, as the year has progressed, I have really enjoyed the opportunities I have become a part of due to the CAS programme.

Since the middle of Term 2, I have been lucky enough to be mentoring a junior debating team. As a keen debater myself, I thought the challenge of teaching what I know to beginner debaters would be a great chance to improve my own skills. Every week since then I have been meeting with my team, helping them develop the skills that I myself developed as a junior. Being a very competitive person, I knew that I would put all my effort into helping them grow into strong and confident speakers. This activity has counted towards my Service hours to CAS, as I have given up my own time to help my team develop and grow into better debaters.

A service activity in CAS can be basically anything that involves giving up your own time, and/or resources to the betterment of others. I have definitely noticed that this element of the IB diploma has pushed me and my peers to really consider what we can do to help those around us, and I think that it is a great thing. We have participated in beach cleanups, charity events and organizing events within the school. Through mentoring a junior debating team I have developed not only my own skills, but also my own character, as giving up my time to others has made me realise the importance of doing so.

I would strongly recommend the IB diploma to all students and families looking for a worldly, well rounded and engaging qualification. With elements such as CAS, the diploma really pushes everyone to go out of their comfort zones in a strong effort to create more globally aware and considerate students.


by Deputy Head Boy, Will Dalzell

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