IB Students deliver Critical Thinking Workshops

As a part of our International Baccalaureate Diploma, all students are required to participate in a range of activities, sports and co-curriculars in order to become more well rounded learners. This part of the diploma is called CAS (Creativity, Activity and Service).

As part of their Service, this year all IB1 students delivered a Critical Thinking workshops to our Year 11 students, where they showed the students some of the skills they have acquired in their Theory of Knowledge classes, such as sound reasoning and disproving fallacies.

Many of our IB1 students found this task challenging, as it involved speaking in front of an audience they did not know, but they all prepared themselves thoroughly and proved themselves to be extremely articulate and confident presenters.

Year 12 student Allegra Bower (pictured) describes her experience as follows:


Taking part in the critical thinking presentations was a very valuable learning experience for me. Our planning and practice for the task were essential as we had to speak on our feet and adapt the presentation to our audience. The success of our presentation relied on our collaboration as a team. We were able to boost each other up and give varying perspectives on different concepts.Taking part in this exercise reaffirmed to me the importance and value of working with a team as everyone has something different to bring to the table. Our different speaking techniques appealed to different audiences so we were able to reach out more effectively to different groups of students. Our excellent preparation was also integral in the success of this activity as we were able to accurately present and carry out our task with two very different groups in a short time frame.”

The feedback from the teachers supervising the class was overwhelmingly positive. Here is the feedback from two of the teachers:

My class really enjoyed the presentation by the IB1 students. They were interested in the critical thinking aspects, especially in terms of the type of arguments people make to justify their claims. They started using it in class from that lesson on, which was interesting.”, Shameela Nassery

I would like to commend the students on such an articulate and well-executed presentation. They dealt with my class very well and it was refreshing and reassuring to see students explain themselves clearly and keep others engaged and interested in what they have to say by involving them.”, Peter Stanton

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