IB Alumni interview with Ella McLeod

We catch up with former TGS student Ella McLeod for a chat and ask her how committing to our IB programme has made a huge difference in her life since starting her tertiary studies...

What are you studying, where?

Since the start of 2018 I have been studying at the University of Victoria in Wellington and am currently in my second year of completing a Bachelor of Laws.

Why did you choose IB at Takapuna Grammar School?

I had been a resident of the Devonport area for my entire life, so choosing to attend Takapuna Grammar School was the next step after graduating from Belmont Intermediate. After Year 11, when presented with the choice to continue with NCEA or begin IB, I chose to do the IB diploma. To me, the IB diploma at Takapuna Grammar was something brand new, challenging and had the potential to strengthen and expand the academic skills I had already begun to develop.

What did you enjoy about doing IB at TGS?

Although challenging at times, I most enjoyed the range of subjects that you are required to take for the IB diploma. I could easily apply myself to English Literature and History because I enjoyed them, but the interactive side of Spanish and Visual Art helped greatly to break up the monotonous weekly cycle of “normal” classroom activities.

How did taking the IB Diploma help you in your university studies and career?

This is a question I frequently get asked. I found that over the two years I matured a lot and knew exactly what I wanted and how to achieve it. The effort I put into completing this curriculum is 100% worth it when I consider how, during my first year of university, not once did I feel daunted or uncertain. I went to university knowing how to write long essays with proper structure and referencing, how to write effective notes and manage my time efficiently. These are skills that second or third year students still struggle to achieve. I am halfway through studying a subject that I am forever going to be passionate about and I am very grateful to TGS, one of the only schools on the North Shore offering this internationally acclaimed curriculum to its students, for giving me the skills to pursue my passion for law.


Interviewed by Maria Blanco - International Baccalaureate Administrator.

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