IB Sports, Exercise, Health Science students visit AUT Millennium

From Year 13 Hailey Chen...

We were given a guided tour around the centre which was really exciting because we have been learning about different fitness tests in our sports science class, but that was the first time we got to see all the lab equipment and how athletes actually train. It was really cool when some of us participated in the VO2 max test and the three-minute test. We learnt how to read the data on the screen and got to see a real-life example of how different energy systems work in different sports settings, which definitely helped me understand what I’ve learnt in class.

The lab technician was also really helpful and inspiring. I’d never thought that it would be so interesting to work as a nutritionist, but it was actually a really fun experience in the lab seeing all the high-tech equipment and getting to know how his job could help NZ athletes train better. I think I definitely feel more connected to the sports science course now.


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