International Baccalaureate students deliver great results

We have had another year of successes in the IB department as reflected in our students’ results. The IB teachers are to be congratulated for their hard work and support of the students over the past two years. Our 2019 cohort worked solidly for Years 12 and 13 to complete the Diploma Programme showing perseverance and enthusiasm for their studies. In addition to their academic subjects, students had to balance their time to complete the CAS programme, many going above and beyond in their involvement in sporting, creativity and service activities.

The pass rate of TGS IB students was 82% which compared with a world average of 70% is extremely pleasing. Our students’ average total points was 30/45 compared to the world average of 28/45.

We wish our 2019 leavers all the very best with their future endeavours and look forward to another year of the IB Diploma Programme at our school in 2020. For more information on the IB programme, please visit our school website:

Jack Chapman
Head of Faculty International Baccalaureate

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