L1 History students visit the Auckland War Memorial Museum

On Monday 24th May, Level 1 History students visited the Auckland War Memorial Museum. The visit gave students the opportunity to develop their understanding of the war and its impact on New Zealanders, in preparation for their external assessment in November. As well as exploring the exhibitions with their teachers, students were able to handle artefacts from the period, including uniforms, letters soldiers sent home and even 105 year old canned meat! Stanley Dalwood, said "it was a great trip, we learned a lot from the staff at the museum and our teachers, they really helped to bring the time period to life." And Teebah Mekkey said "The trip to the museum was a great experience and a valuable learning opportunity. I learnt lots about world war l and was even introduced to certain soldiers, whose stories were very moving and eye opening."

Mr Low and students learning about the use of aircraft in WWI

Harry Tu'isila and Conor Langdon in a WWI Greatcoat and "Lemon Squeezer" Hat

Nathan Erksine and Nabeel Khan learning how difficult stretcher bearing was (with Joe Millington)

Jessica Reece, Alisa Howden, Nikki Bublitz, Ai Ines-Mills, Zion Yee, Sophie Spooner and Keirna Koit enjoying a hands-on experience with First World War medical supplies

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