L2 History - Polynesian Panthers & Dawn Raid Workshop

On Tuesday in week 4, our Level 2 History students and Pasifika Leadership Group had the privilege of attending a workshop from the Polynesian Panthers. Dr Melani Anae - Associate Professor of Pacific Studies, Revered Alec Toleafoa and musician Tigilau Ness.

They shared their personal experiences of the Dawn Raids between 1974-1976 and their involvement in the Polynesian Panthers. As students are studying the short and long-term effects of the Dawn Raids on New Zealand society, this talk was incredibly valuable in developing their understanding.

All students also received resources that will assist in research for their upcoming History internal assessment.

Three students, Eva Oldham, Malia Faulalo and Olly Papaconstantinou were interviewed and gave an insight into what they had learned about identity and this event in New Zealand's history.



The school would like to thank Dr Melani Anae, Alec Toleafoa and Tigilau Ness for sharing their stories with us.

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