NZ Engineering Science Competition results

Mathematicians apply their knowledge

In Term 3 last year, 29 senior mathematicians gathered in the Science area at 9:30am to compete in the annual Next Top Engineering Scientist Competition. They were waiting for Auckland University’s Department of Engineering Science to release the question they would spend the next 8 hours trying to solve. Over 200 teams from across New Zealand take part. This year Takapuna Grammar had eight teams competing, with several people competing for the second or even their third year. We also hosted a team from Pinehurst – an innovation the Engineering Faculty want to promote.

The teachers in attendance, Mrs Charlett-Green, Miss Turner and Mr Kam, were under strict instructions to observe but never offer suggestions or help. Parents generously provided food throughout the long day.

At 10am the question was emailed to all teams: “How many tonnes of CO2 emissions could be avoided in your lifetime if New Zealand transitions to a completely electric vehicle fleet?” As usual the question was open-ended. And as usual the teams needed to restrict themselves to a 10 page limit for their report (always a challenge).

The teams were:

Amanda Sim (captain), Christine Zhou, Domenic Johnson and Shannon Blackhall.

Aradhya Chawla (captain), Brad Tan and Jia Qi Li.

James Hwang (captain), Nicholas Barker, Luke Patterson and Seunghyun Lim.

Libby Lord (captain), Jennie Law, Kathleen Sibuea and Mila Song.

Madeleine Malone (captain), Zoe Martin, Suyeon Kim and Phoebe Peng.

Noah Simmonds (captain), Kanako Tanaka and Kyubin Lim.

Oliver Merton (captain), Sam Atkinson and Andrew Kim.

Henry Simpson (captain), Felix Shaw-Bell, Dominic Perkins and Sam Cordner.

For more information about this event, please click on the link here.


This report was compiled by former pupil Brad Tan who won 2018's top Computer Science award and gained a University Scholarship to Swinburne University in Melbourne which he is commencing soon.

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