Junior Art Department wins big at local NZ Sculpture Exhibition

Congratulations to our Junior Art department, led by Francis Potter and Robin Kydd, who won the Intermediate/High School Prize ($1,500) at the NZ Sculpture Onshore: Angela Morton Schools Exhibition Prizes 2023 being held down at Fort Takapuna in Narrow Neck from Friday 3rd to Sunday 19th November.

The Junior Art Exhibition Concept was called ‘Kaitiaki Creatures & Lost Things’. Rachel Brebner, Friends of Women’s Refuge Trust Chair and Indoor Gallery Curator (on behalf of the judging group) commented "This display captured us with the impact of an amazingly simple display at ground level. This use of floor space invites the viewer to peer more deeply into this fantastical world, to reveal the individual aspects of the creatures themselves and their creators. Clearly the work of many students, yet the visual cohesion was achieved by clever tonality and sizes. We loved both the creativity and imagination behind this collective work".

TGS Junior Art Exhibition winning concept called ‘Kaitiaki Creatures & Lost Things’.

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