Peer Support Programme Delivers the School Values

At the start of the school year here at TGS, a group of year 13 students volunteer to take part in our annual Peer Support Programme. The Peer Support Programme is designed to help assist Year 9 students with settling into their new school environment, and this programme lasts for 6 weeks.


The year 13 students each work with the new year 9’s in their form class, and do fun activities each week on a Wednesday for 50 minutes before the start of school; often these are focused on hauora (wellbeing) and setting them up with healthy habits that they can use throughout high school.


Not only is this a really great way for the Year 13 students to apply and develop their leadership skills, but it also helps the Year 9 students to create friendships and bonds beyond their year group. It is also a great way of welcoming them to their new school. The response to the Peer Support Programme this year has been extremely positive, with both Year 9 and 13 students enjoying the experience and gaining much from it.


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