Student Art Council Poetry and Songwriting Evening

The Student Art Council held the inaugural Poetry and Songwriting evening. It was a wonderful occasion, set with candles, fairy lights plush beanbags and cookies. Eleven students participated and Bijou (who many of you will remember - class of 2017?) was the celebrity judge. The words and lyrics explored ideas that included, 'the way a person belongs to themselves', ' how reading can transform us as people', 'Delphi and the Classics trip' and a commemoration of Sylvia Plath's 'The Bell Jar'. All the performances were a delight to watch and listen to - it was difficult to make a decision.

Freya won the songwriting award for 'Warm' and Pippi Duncan won the poetry award for 'Illuminate'.

The other participants were:

Angel Jacobsen - 'Rising Water'

Orlando Tyson - 'A Frayed Rope' (read by Danny Bublitz)

Danny Bublitz - 'Calm Before The Storm'

Anya Christiansen - 'Freda du Faur, the Conqueror of Mountains' (read by Leah Kampkes)

Jade Nguyen - 'Can't Lose Again' (supported by Satitia Phetsuwan)

Charlotte Body - 'Turning Pages'

Kazim Khan - 'For You'

Alana Rodrigues-Birch - 'Delphi'

Aiden Allen - 'Rules of Love'


For more photos of the performers, click here.

A big thank you to Ella Morrison and Tausala Faulolo for organising the event, and India Worsnop for hosting the evening.

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