Rotary National Science and Technology Forum

Congratulations to Year 13 students Andrew Crotty, Mayzie Mortimer and Chris Williams who spent two weeks of their summer break taking part in the Rotary National Science and Technology Forum.

These top Science students were selected from students around the country to take part in the forum. The forum was run by Auckland University with support from Massey University, Auckland University of Technology as well as a number of Science and Technology industry groups and companies. It was a fantastic opportunity for these students to get hands-on experience with cutting edge Science as well as gaining exposure to the sorts of pathways available to students with an interest in Science and Technology.

Highlights from their time include dissections at Auckland Biomedical school and a lecture by Michelle Dickinson where she talked about her life working for Space X, Apple, and her foundation of Nanogirl.

Many thanks to our local Rotary branch for their support in helping Takapuna Grammar students attend the forum.



Mayzie Mortimer

Andrew Crotty

Chris Williams

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