Helpful School Information

If your student is going to be absent from school or late to school please email [email protected] or phone 09 489 4167 option 2 and leave a message.

If your student needs to leave school for an appointment during the day please email [email protected] or phone 09 489 4167 option 2 (leave a message) by 9.00am. It is important that Student Services are given plenty of notice. A leave pass will then be sent to the student. If the student has not received their leave pass they should go to Student Services before they leave school.

Contact Details
Please keep the school up to date with any contact or address details. Changes can be emailed to [email protected] or a form can be filled out at the main office.

Daily Notices
Each day students will receive Daily Notices in their school email account. Information about extra curriculum opportunities for Sports, Preforming Arts etc, what is happening around the school, Lost property and Careers are included. Parents can also see Daily Notices in KAMAR (under Notices). Finding out information and registering for extra curriculum activities is to done by students.

There are two Deans for each House. Deans are located at Student Services. Please check with your student/s to know what house they are in.

Rachel McDowell - [email protected]
Tina Peters - [email protected]

Rebecca Burke - [email protected]
Henry McLaughlin - [email protected]

Michael Tillett - [email protected]
Hannah Marshall - [email protected]

Rosemarie Close - [email protected]
James Lawton - [email protected]

Samantha Steel - [email protected]
Juliet Cryns - [email protected]

First Point of Contact
The first point of contact for information regarding your student should be the Whanau Form Class (WFC) teacher or the subject teacher. Your student will have these details on their timetable (house name plus the initials of the teacher). For further assistance you can contact the main office - [email protected] . Their Dean would be the next contact.

KAMAR Portal
Students and Parents will receive a KAMAR login and password during the first week of school. Once logged into the portal you can change contact information, see the students timetable and absences, view school reports. For password resets etc please email [email protected]

KINDO is the school online shop. You will need a KINDO login and password ( Once set up you can make payments for Uniforms, Finance Office, Tuck  Shop etc. To see your statement of what is owed/paid please logon to the KAMAR portal.

When a student arrives to school late they should report to Student Services to sign in.

School Drop Off / Pick Up
Parents/caregivers dropping students to school/picking up by car are asked to not come into the school grounds after 8.00am and before 3.30pm each day. To avoid congestion in the streets next to the school entrances and to allow staff/students to exit the grounds safely we ask you park a little further away.

Stationery lists of the items required for each year level and subject is available on the website. Stationery items are not sold by the school. You are welcome to make your purchases from any outside supplier.

Student Services
Student Services is located in the central courtyard beside the Tuck Shop and under the Library. They are there to help students with any issues they may have from being lost/unsure of where to go, Lost Property, Timetables, Leave Passes etc. It is an important and handy place for Students to be aware of. Deans and Councillors are also located at Student Services. The Health Centre is located at the end of the Student Services Block.

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