TGS Spanish Quiz Competition

On the 10th of May we hosted 15 teams from eight schools from across Auckland for the inaugural Spanish Quiz. The students had eight rounds of questions on topics such as geography, music, food, famous people and sports. We tried to create an immersion environment and all the instructions, questions and answers were in Spanish. Examples of some questions were: Verdadero o falso? El nopal es un relleno popular de los tacos; Cuál fue la nación hispanohablante atea y comunista que no celebró la Navidad entre 1969 y 1997?; En qué imperio se jugaba el ōllamalitzli?.

Students had 5 minutes to answer 8 questions in each round and there was a competitive and fun atmosphere, especially when the answers were revealed to students between each round and gasps, sighs or shouts filled the room when they found out how well they had gone in that round.

Students enjoyed getting to know each other between rounds with a pizza dinner and had an opportunity to try Latin American snacks like de la Rosa Mazapán and tamarindo candy.

Takapuna took out 1st and 3rd place with ACG Strathallan coming in 2nd place. The winning teams were 1st - Joe McKibbin, Sam Mckibbin, Emi Lepoth and Maggie Yang; 2nd - Vicky Sagripanti, Georgia Glory, Kallen Mutch, Danny Byrne and Chloe Bramham. We look forward to hosting the quiz again next year and hope that even more students can participate in this fun event!

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